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Shebbear Pentathlon
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A day’s shooting comprising five different events.

Event 1: This is based on Field Target but with a twist. Shot to normal SWEFTA FT rules, except there will be three targets on each lane. They will be colour coded easy, medium and hard. The easy one will be worth one point, the medium will be worth more, and the hard one, even more. But you won’t know how many more………..

You only shoot two of the targets and you nominate which two. So you can take the confident easier ones and get some points in the bag, or you can opt for the more difficult ones and bid for higher points. Ten lanes.

Event 2: This is called Humane HFT. Again, shot to normal SWEFTA HFT rules but there is a change to the scoring. In normal HFT you get 2 for a knockdown and 1 for a faceplate. But a faceplate is equivalent to a wounding shot, so in Humane HFT you get 3 points for a knockdown – a clean kill – and you LOSE one point (you get a minus 1) if you hit the faceplate. A complete miss is a zero as usual. 21 targets in seven lanes.

Event 3: The nemesis of most FT shooters, the standers. In this event you have two card targets, type PL14/06 that we use for indoor LSR shooting. All you have to do is to shoot five shots into each card, and whichever card has the higher score, that is the one that will count. You will shoot a NSRA spec rifle, that means a specified weight and trigger pull. Range 20 yards. Time limit 15 minutes.

Event 4: A speed shoot. A set of silhouette targets, 20 in all, colour coded for value, you have 3 minutes to shoot as many down as you can. Your score will be based on the value of the targets you knock down, or the time taken if you get a full house. Single shot rifles only.

Event 5: The Pull. Anyone who shoots clays knows the feeling, you get yourself ready for the shot, you call “pull” and the target is launched. You try to hit it before it’s out of range or out of sight. We’re doing something similar but with airguns. The target is not a clay pigeon but a tin rat. You call pull, the rat emerges from a tunnel and runs across your line of vision; your task is to knock it down before it reaches safe refuge at the other side. Five attempts allowed.

In each event the winner will get 100 points, the next placed person 99 points, and so on. Anyone doing poorly in one event will therefore not lose by a huge margin and will have a good chance to recover on other events.

There will be cash prizes for the winners of each event and an overall cash prize for the highest aggregate score.

Your £10 entry ticket includes free tea and coffee all day, and two meal vouchers for bacon rolls etc. Soft drinks and confectionery on sale.

Sideshoots include a long-range egg on a pole; put down your stake money and take two shots at the egg; break it and you take half the kitty. Also a pistol sideshoot.

Only 40 spaces available for this comp; as of now (21st April) nine have been booked, and that's without any real promotion, so I think it will be a sell-out.

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