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Old 14th March 2011, 07:57 PM
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Default Shoot for the Troops R4 Results.

Results for the final round (4) of Shoot for the Troops.

1.Andy Jones 48 Tawd
2.Lee (Ming the merciless) Griffiths 48 Fort
3.Paul Blair 48 Rivi
4.Dave Ramshead 48 Tawd
5.Ken Cross 48 Rivi
6.Andy Jones snr 47 Tawd
7.Kieran Lewis 47 Fort Junior
8.Gary Kelly 47 Fort
9.Lee Meadows 47 Rivi
10.Nige Williams 47 Fort
11.Dave Benyon 47 Tawd
12.Ian Paul 47 Rivi
13.John Oldroyd 46 Rivi
14.Bill Jones 46 Fort
15.Don Edge 46 Oldham
16.Richard Jefferies 46 Fort
17.Mark Mo Smiffffff 46 Fort
18.Scottypoos Griffiths 46
19.Samantha Ramshead 46 Tawd
20.Aaron Bloxham 46 Rivi
21.Raymondo Ross 45 Rivi
22.Steve Oultram 45 Rivi
23.Graeme Cave 45 Oldham
24.Alan Laurikietis 45 Oldham
25.Joe Downes 45 Fort Junior
26.Ian Whiteside 45 Oldham
27.Nigel Dutton 45 Fort
28.Bruno Aiewo 45 Oldham
29.Sam Oultram 45 Rivi Junior
30.Andy Cave 45 Oldham
31.Phillip Sharples 44 Rivi
32.Karyn Macfarlane 44 Rivi
33.Matt Brookes 44
34.David Gething 44 Fort
35.Dewi Johnson Hughes 44 Fort
36.Mark Dixon 44 Fort
37.Jay Bruiser Turner 44 Lincoln
38.William Jefferies 44 Fort
39.Ian Piggott 43 Fort
40.Derek Whittingham 43 Tawd
41.Steve Taylor 43 Rivi
42.Jim Harney 43 Oldham
43.Ian Bloxham 43 Rivi
44.Danny Jones 43 Fort Springer
45.Paul Thelwell 42 Fort junior
46.Mike O'connor 42 Oldham
47.Shane Hughes 42 Fort
48.Mike Turner 42 Tawd
49.Gary Rayson 41 Fort
50.Steve Swift 41 Fort
51.Brian Lewis 41 Fort
52.John Morgan 41 Oldham
53.Chris Morton 41 Rivi
54.Steve Griffith (the Godfather) 40 Fort
55.Mike Bate 40 Fort
56.Geff Watkinson (mega Wooly) 40 Tawd
57.Brian Franklin 40 Fort
58.Steve Macfarlane 40 Rivi
59.Julian Thomas 40 Fort
60.Nige Ewe Jones 39 Fort
61.Ian Roberts 39 Fort Springer
62.Andy Jones Jnr 39 Tawd
63.Richard Lees 37
64.W Stringfellow 37 Oldham
65.Sean Clark 37 Fort
66.Bernie Jones 37 Fort
67.Simon Downes 36 Fort
68.Alan Meadows 35
69.Joanne Reid 35 Fort
70.Katie Sheard 33 Fort
71.Heather Whitby 33 Fort
72.Adam Griffiths 32 Fort
73.Emily Roberts 28 Fort Junior
74.Steve Fildes 24 Fort

Barry Cunliffe 14
Steve Sheratt 18

Overall winners of the troops Trophy.

Rivington Riflemen.

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