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What is all this latest trend with age related post? Is it the time of year or what, cold weather payment not arrived?

Come on how old are the ones who are saying they are old?

My old man doesn't shoot HFT anymore as he has problems getting up from prone, he also wears glasses, but can manage to shoot with or without by adjusting the scope diopter as best has he can, now he is old, he's nearly 80, but accepts his limitations and most importantly he accepts the rules, not moan because they do/don't change to adopt/exclude him, he chooses to shoot FT instead!
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Ana A damned nice guy he is to Mark.......
Fort air rifle club.
Remember....It,s nice to be nice..
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I totaly agree it seems to me this will only penalise those who need specs in the first place. if you make a new rule everytime you find something that someone could abuse to ther advantage you will end up ruling people out of the sport. If you believe someone is blatently cheating then by all means call them on it but most people using glasses are already at a disadvantage with there poor eyesight & now you want to dictate when they can & cant be on an equal footing because thats what there glasses mean to them.
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