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Old 23rd July 2010, 10:56 PM
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Question AAA and other ideas...

just chucking these out there...

thoughts on FT having a AAA grade? 90% av +? Or AA moved to 85%?

just thinking that there's a lot in AA these days, the standard of shooting has got better, and it's quite a deep grade to get near the silverware in, and whilst i suspect that doesn't drive a few, i wonder if many felt like I did when i got in, which was akin to staring up a long ladder dissapearing into the clouds

another idea that came out with a chat to a mate, AA take 6 shots standing, A 5, B 4, C 4, with the other positionals being kneelers... so everyone shoots 10...

dunno... it's friday night
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Old 24th July 2010, 05:14 AM
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AA in GP series is vast !

When i went into AA your up with the big boys & GP series is hard, it does knock the wind out of your sails if your not getting anywere & a little silver wear or recognition does boost your confidance i guess.

There are a quite a few shooter that hold a 90% shot average when placed in GP series but when broken down in regions ie Winter Leagues it would leave a minority probably only the same 5 or 6 plus shooters fighting over top spot in AAA ? ........................... But this would be the case if they where still in AA so is there any differance ?

Maybe a AAA grade would make a little depth & be something new ?

From my position i worked hard & put a lot of effort into working my way to AA & it does come quickly initially but as i have found when you hit AA you also hit a brick wall ( well i have )

Think extra positionals would potentially sort the men from the boys or bridge the gap in AA to AAA or not ?
Or would it just add confusion ?

Anyway i'm off to Redfearns know to shoot some tin chickens !

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Old 24th July 2010, 06:18 AM
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Aaa hell yes 95% :d
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Old 24th July 2010, 06:28 AM
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How many AA and A class shooters have entered each round so far this year?
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Old 24th July 2010, 10:14 AM
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Default just an idea

How about AA shoot the coarse standing
A half standing half kneeling
B kneeling
and C sitting. or maybe if the elite group is large have prizes down to tenth place.
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Old 24th July 2010, 11:40 AM
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Maybe a bit controversial, but how about people practice more and try raising their ability instead of relying on a handicap/grading system.

When I started I wanted to get competitive with the top scores, rather than the class limits.

It's not all about who has the most money either,just put the effort in with reasonable kit.

The silverware or bits of plastic are a distraction and really not that important..... to me anyway, the memory of beating a course last forever.
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Old 24th July 2010, 01:21 PM
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If you put everything out to 55 yards standing the top shooters will still win so has dave has pointed out hit more targets and you may win something even myself shootin an old airarms with a dodgy leup on top gets lucky occasionally had 47 luck shots last time out. steve
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Old 24th July 2010, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
How many AA and A class shooters have entered each round so far this year?
if you say 5/6 so far, then about 20 in each... but then you only need 6/9 to count, so it's difficult to say this early in the season... if you think about how many are in the raffle at sywell, it's a lot more that do 5-6 rounds.

interesting the spread of replies... not unexpected either My thoughts around AAA were that as you say Dave, past a point, more are concerned with the overall result rather than within the grade, but under and in the same grade, the newer shooters are still seeking a boost from touching silver. It's just an idea I had in my head, nothing more, but was just chucking it out there to see what people thought... train hard fight easy, but don't practice a bad habit...
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Old 24th July 2010, 05:19 PM
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Fair comments there, and I agree Dave, practice does make perfect.
But inevitably there are those with more ability than others, it's human nature, some are born with better stuff than others. Now skill is a learned thing, you ain't born skillfull, BUT training and practice make us learn skills and once learned technique is perfected.
However once a skill is mastered there are those with a natural ability that will always achieve better/higher results than those with a lesser ability. No matter how much practice/experience/trainning some put in they will reach a peak/plateau where no amount of kit and further practice will gain them any better/higher results.
Thats where the grades come in, and indeed there is the the goal of going up a grade, some don't but most do, until you reach/match those of your ability which you can compete with.

All below are hypothetical examples:
If there was a AAA grade how many would be in it in total 30? And if there was going to be one then the prize in such a class would need to be decent enough to warrant the level of committment/training and expenditure that the best shooters competing in it deserve. (consistently hitting 90% takes some going). However some would argue is a AAA grader any more committed than a C grader? Are we going down that route of eliteism or is it just another grade to give the lower half AA shooters a more competitive group? It could deter a newcomer thinking, "how many grades do I need to move up til I fight with the big boys?"

The suggestion of more compulsories is a good idea however, as it's these that do sort the men from the boys!
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Old 24th July 2010, 05:54 PM
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instead of just moveing the top shooters,we have already agreed that the standard is getting better right across the board,why not move every grade 5% C,B,A,AA.....then you can do your penance in every grade,will make it harder for the odd flukey shooter to get in AA or stay in AA,and so on....just a thought
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