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Old 26th April 2010, 09:08 PM
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Default Why can I shoot my 80 more accurately than my PCP?

Having spent another few hours down at the club outdoor range on Sunday, I came away slightly perplexed at my performance with my PCP compared to the undoubtbly better performance with the springer.
I have shot springers for decades and used them both in competition and in the field and consider myself a reasonable shot with one. My son commented that I was shooting like a t--t with the PCP, but I was nearly matching him shot for shot with the 80 and him with his HW100.
Maybe its the "busy" reticle I have atop the PCP compared to the straight 30-30 living onboard the springer? Whatever the reason, the targets dropped on a more regular basis with a rig that is supposed, as we all know, to be more difficult to shoot. I reckon it might be the parallax, cause I cant for the life of me work out why this happened. Both zeros are blob on and the guns both prefer a diet of Premiers so its not that. Must just be my technique. I do feel more confident when shooting the springer, but having shot PCPs for a decade or so and never having noticed a major difference, I really need to consider the thoughts of other experienced shooters who may have experienced a similar issue.
I know its a strange one chaps, but I am buggered if I can work this one out!
Any suggestions gentlemen?
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Old 26th April 2010, 09:20 PM
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It's because springers are easier to shoot than pcp's.
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Old 26th April 2010, 09:23 PM
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might be because you're concentrating more because it's harder...
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Old 26th April 2010, 09:25 PM
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Test yourself on a course mate and do a round with both, preferably with the same scope.

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Old 26th April 2010, 11:24 PM
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I shot both springer and pcp in 2008 and while my shooting got better and better with my TX my scores with my 400 dropped.I found like Rob said that while I was concentrating on hold position and technique in order to be able to shoot the TX well I was just expecting the 400 to do the job for me subconsciously without me focusing on doing things right.
While I loved shooting my TX which won me the NEFTA hunter recoil class that year, I sold it to concentrate on putting my efforts into shooting a pcp and gradually my scores started to improve.
A precharged rifle is I think no less difficult to shoot well as a springer.Good technique is needed with every shot and time needs taking to learn the rifle and how it likes to be held throughout the shot and every good shot needs to be repeated onto the next.
If there is nothing wrong with either rifle then it may be a simple case of you like shooting the springer more and therefore have taken more time on getting to know that rifle and simply shoot it better as a result.


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Old 27th April 2010, 04:43 AM
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Don't worry Andy, I shoot my 97 much better than any of my pcp's and was always perplexed at this to say the least!

As the other guys have already commented, I came to the conclusion that shooting a springer needs much more concentration and have to keep an eye of many things simultaneously to shoot well, so when I switch to pcp, I assume that it's so much easier and take the shot for granted, resulting in a missed target.

Spring guns and pcp's are 2 different animals which have to be handled in different ways but a shot must never be taken for granted by either gun, total concentration and technique is needed for both to ensure a dropped target!
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Old 27th April 2010, 10:07 AM
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I'm seriously beginning to think that, when mastered, shooting a springer will get the same results as a PCP.

In HFT I think there are a few targets that put a springer at a disadvantage because you just have to change the way you are holding the rifle and that causes more problems with a recoilling gun. Resting on posts etc can cause similar problems. So for those reasons I still think a pcp is worth a couple of points over a springer on a typical good HFT course.

I really do think I will get as good a score now with my HW77k as I will with any of my PCPs ( not great scores ... but ok ). I think it's mainly because I've got used to the weight and the extra steadiness that gives ... particularly shooting prone.

I seem to have wound a few HFT shooters up with posts on here and the BBS about the prone stance being rock steady. When I'm shooting with my HW77k rig it really is rock steady because of the weight. Add that to the fact that I am so used to shooting the springer that my technique with the springer is quite consistent.

When I shoot my PCPs I don't seem to have the same 'familiarity' or 'the gun is part of me' feel.

The PCPs are no where near as heavy and although they are very accurate they don't feel as 'solid' on hold as the heavy springer. I can't hold them as rock steady on aim as I can the springer ( I'm talking prone ).

I do also think there's a touch of the ' I can't miss this target with this gun ' that sneaks into the equation. When I'm shooting the 77 I concentrate totally on technique all the time. I know that if I don't the springer will punish me. I remember shooting a 25 yard, full size kill, target at a HFT event with a very accurate PCP ( aim half an inch low ). I was shooting it prone and there was no wind. An absolute gimme. I was so convinced that I would drop that target I was almost getting up ready to put 2 in the box before I had pulled the trigger. I didn't give the shot the respect it deserved and I plated it. If I was shooting the 77 at that target I would have still ticked all the boxes and made sure it was a 2.

Good luck fella.

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Old 3rd May 2010, 11:27 PM
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Thanks for your measured words of encouragement and understanding chaps! Well, last trip at the outdoor on Sunday saw me using my recently acquired FWB Sport. having only had the opportunity to get a 21 yard zero and not the usual 37 yarder at the indoor range, I was anticipating a mediocre performance, particualrly with the low scope mounts of the 3-9x40 period *** scope and the effects on holdover/under etc.
Anyway, I matched my sons scores and found the gun a joy to shoot. I had forgotten just how light the FWBs are and just went into "spring shooting mode" automatically making gun hold allowances etc.
I also noticed that the straight 30x30 reticle was easier for my simple brain to use when allowing for windage/elevation, and have come to the conclusion that all of the years of using springers and standard hunting scopes has conditioned my brain to just make the immedeate calculation needed to take the shot.
I think that you are all right in presuming that I probably concentrate more when springer shooting. It also has to be said that I enjoy it far more than "dead" PCP firing cycles!
Having used both types of gun in the field as well for many moons, i still enjoy using the spring gun far more. I like the fact that they are totally self reliant, with their performance rewarding "proper" shooting skills that we all recognise such as hold technique and recoil management.
Maybe at the ripe old age of 51 I am just too old to completely relearn the skills that have taken so long to master! As my son points out to me on a regular basis " You must be getting senile" as I miss yet another sitter with the PCP that I am confident would go down with a springer.
At the outdoor on Thursday afternoon I will take along the R10 and the Sport. I may even take the 80 as well. Whichever gun gives me the best results (I suspect the 80 as I havent fully had time to properly acquaint myself withe Sport)will be used in the Gauntlet competition starting at our outdoor Rivington range this Sunday.One thing is this though. Whichever gun I use I will be enjoying myself,but maybe a little bit more if I use a springer!
Shoot straight gents!
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Old 6th May 2010, 09:46 PM
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its funny this should come up actually, a pal of mine is considering getting rid of his AA s510 because its "too easy" too shoot. he much prefers his tx200 and hes pretty handy with the thing too. he let me have a go of it and i was hitting 40mm 50 yarders indoors every shot, even hit a 15mm @ 50yds about 3 times out of 5 the very first time i had even used that gun. just asked where his 50yd mark was on the scope and that was it. i found with my merlyn its aim, hit, aim, hit... well, indoors anyways! HFT shoots are a different matter as we all know too well! a springer is much more challenging and so much more fun for it.

i bought a hw57 .22 for the other half to paper punch with and i had a go of it the other week and i can shoot better standing with it than with my merlyn because its so much lighter!

i think springers make you a better PCP shooter when you learn with them first in my humble opinion, im considering taking the hw57 to a HFT shoot next, even if i shoot rubbish it will be a lot of fun!
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Old 8th May 2010, 11:55 PM
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I agree that springers are much more rewarding to shoot. The 80 I have is a full blown Venom Lazahunter that was made for me in 2004 and shoots like a dream. She has HW77 internals for lower recoil, and with the considerable weight of the gun must represent one of the sweetest firing springers I have ever shot. I also think that actually liking your chosen gun helps to hit the target as it helps to inspire confidence.
The other consideration for me is that after 40 years of using a standard 30-30 reticle, the much more complicated target scope on the PCP is harder to come to terms with and doesnt allow my flagging brain to make the quick calculations that I can with an uncluttered sight picture. Just a thought!
Anyway, the 80 will be off to shoot the Gauntlet competition tomorrow(actually today now!)Whatever happens, I will be enjoying it!
Cheers chaps
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