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Old 6th April 2010, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
To be honest Ryan the complaints weren't aimed at us, Pete & myself are used to those complaints anyway.

What really ****** me off though were the complaints aimed at Countryman Fairs, they spent weeks before the event preparing everything, they then spent all weekend working their bollocks off ensuring they made the best of the bad conditions, not to mention all the time they will spend packing the fair away & trying to make good all the damage causes by the event.

Let's face it....HFT is mainly shot prone so come prepared for the worst, if you are going to take the bad weather personally then maybe you should stay at home
They're the sort of people who think the targets appear magically trees aand that the HFT fairies put everything away with a swish of their magic wands! If they've no idea how a course gets set up then they've no chance comprehending what's involved in the months/weeks before and after a major public event. They probably live within a couple of hours and left early on the second day as well.

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Old 6th April 2010, 08:09 AM
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I think the weather added to the weekend, it would be boring if we all put in 60's (Like I would ever get that ).

Just wish I could have seen a bit more of the show.

Well done everyone
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Old 6th April 2010, 08:44 AM
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This was mine and my lads first ever big competition, I shot the midland hunter @ the Greyhound and the underground conditions there, IMO where far worse, I thought the organising was pretty amazing too, we had our own designated area (well, we all took it over ) food & brew stalls aplenty....What do some people want or expect ........Get a life FFS!!!
Well done to all, well organised, thoroughly enjoyable weekend, amazing amount of behind the scenes work, that was clearly visible if ones eyes where honestly open!
Hats off to everyone involved!
And many, many, many thanks!
Here's to 2011!!!
Mark & Marcus
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Old 6th April 2010, 08:48 AM
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On behalf of Fort Airgun Club (Nr. Wrexham), I would like to thank everybody who gave up their valuable time to make this event happen. You all deserve a very hefty pat on the back! Both courses were set out to make the most of the conditions, they were fair yet challenging, just the way they should be. The extra thought and work put into the M25 was a master-stroke.

It was a first time WHFTA experience for most of our club shooters, but we all had a fantastic time. Not one single complaint was to be heard at any time over the weekend in our camping area, just smiles and laughs all the way.

Congratulations to Mark Wall on a superb performance, well done to Ryan and Pete, top shooting guys.

Mike Turner
Fort Airgun Club.
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Old 6th April 2010, 09:00 AM
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Just got to say it was a brilliant weekend, just like last year. The added bonus was it didn't **** down while we were shooting.

Also like to thank the WHFTA crew for the enormous amount of graft put in to organise and to run TWO full courses over 2 days. Having put on a couple of slightly smaller events myself, I know just how much work and planning that must take.

As for mud, well words almost fail me, HFT is all about the elements and getting down in whatever you find.

To all the moaners who thought Countryman Fairs could do anything about the mud, well, while you were moaning in your comfy car on the way home, I was on the train, Tube and then walking a mile or so with bags full of muddy kit and a big smile on my face. Get over it

Thanks to the Gregs for their hospitality over the whole weekend and to my partner Derek Stone, who made shooting a pleasure for both sessions. He also had a nice shiny rifle

Well done to all the winners and of course 2010 Champ Mark Wall, well done, mate.
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Old 6th April 2010, 09:19 AM
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Hi all

First off a big thanks to Countryman Fairs for hosting the event, a very very big thanks to the guys behind the scenes who delivered the targets to site, put the course out, got the targets back in etc, this is serious work and carried out without complaint. A big up to the course setters who laid two very interesting courses, every shot a thinker-superb job. Not forgetting the booking in team, Tony's Camo for the Wales kit and everyone else involved in the organizing or indeed competing in this event for making it what it was.
Top shooting to Ryan Charlton and Pete Dutton and all the other class winners.
Lets stop the griping and petty schoolboy arguing and comments about the weather- this is an outdoor sport and this kind of malarky just takes the gloss off what was a very well organized event.
Good fun shooting with Rik- and look forward to the season
ATB and thanks again

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Old 6th April 2010, 09:27 AM
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Had an absolutely cracking time putting a lot of faces to names off here.

Pete and I have an issue to sort out with an England shirt for the next double header I can get down to but im sure the scabs will heal.

Shot with Ryan and David Taylor over the too days, great lads, great company, great shots.

So big thanks to all who made the scots welcome as ever, but still think we should have thrown Laity in the water. Kiddin Mate!!

Dont know why some moaned about the weather I didnt think it was that bad, there was no snow!
Steve CochraneWalther LG300, Leupold MK4

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Old 6th April 2010, 09:33 AM
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First chance I have had to post since getting home last night.

I had a brilliant weekend, weather is weather and it's the same for everyone, so those who moaned,
shame on you

Thanks to all the guys and girls that organised the courses and admin that goes into the WHFTA courses.
Guys spent days preparing the targets, laying out the courses and preparing the admin that goes into
getting 200+ shooters all shooting over 2 days. My hat is off to you guys.

To Iain Bainbridge, sorry I couldn't help get the course in on day 2 mate. Any other time, you know I would
help out.

Mark Wall, World Champion. I have had the pleasure of shooting round with Mark, and a nicer fella you
would be hard pressed to meet. Congratulation mate and well done on your achievement.

Steph. Well done girl, bloody well deserved. You are a top shooter and all the effort you put in shows
with what you get out. Congratulations.

Great to see everyone there, great sense of cammeraderie from all the shooters and it is testament
to everyone that attended at how well it was enjoyed by all.

I even managed to enjoy my marshalling session on Sunday

Cheers to all and see you again next year.

Last thing, Kieran Turner. Keep your bloody head down!!!

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Old 6th April 2010, 09:39 AM
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Thanks to Jane and Dorian for the company over the weekend, had a good laugh and Jane's rifle save when she slipped in the mud on Sunday was the best I've seen. Well done to all the winners and thanks to all involved in running the event, cheers all great weekend.
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Old 6th April 2010, 09:54 AM
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The conditions ...

I'm a groundsman so I know the turmoils of fighting the English weather. Trying to get the local cricket pitch ready for this coming weekend has been a nightmare so I can only imagine the problems Countryman Fairs must have had.

It's the beginning of April in England. We've just had one of the harshest winters for years and the last two weeks in March were very wet.

I have little time for anyone who didn't expect it to be wet and muddy and didn't bring appropriate gear.

If anything the effort to make it such a successful event should be even further applauded given the recent weather.

I think we would have all loved to be lying on lush turf, basking in the warm sunshine and shooting through bluebells ... but you get what you get and you get on with it.

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