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Old 13th September 2016, 08:45 AM
hmangphilly hmangphilly is offline
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There must be a big box of returned barrells somewhere . Wouldn't mind getting my hands on that

There was talk of a bit of a shortage of supply of barrels recently.
It would be a shame if there has been a slip in the standards of QC.

Come on bsa , you're better than that .
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Old 26th September 2016, 06:08 PM
echo1974 echo1974 is offline
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Ive got a r10 se .177, and it wouldnt group at all with jsb's either? BUT normal accupels are spot on!
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Old Yesterday, 10:34 PM
hmangphilly hmangphilly is offline
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Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
At the risk of being repetitive ........ Well it has never stopped me before ........

interesting seems this may not be a pukka bsa barrel at all .
It was certainly bought as bsa .
It is stamped bsa

we shall see .................
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Old Today, 07:51 AM
what barn door's Avatar
what barn door what barn door is offline
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Hi Phil,

As you say, if BSA choose to use a barrel made by someone else but then sell it as part of a BSA gun, then it reflects the quality of BSA, nobody else to blame and no excuses.

I owned a goldstar for a whole week, glad to see it go and response from BSA was basicly telling the rfd to take it back and sell it to someone less fussy, it was enough to stop me from buying the R10 mk2 that I still want to have but can't risk it.
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Old Today, 08:47 AM
hmangphilly hmangphilly is offline
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I think the suggestion is that the shop sold a non BSA as the real thing .
I'll have to clarify that
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Old Today, 08:50 AM
Tench's Avatar
Tench Tench is offline
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To add some balance and be completely fair, I have had some very impressive BSA barrels! I have had the odd one that was shocking too but those are definitely in the minority with most being good.
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Old Today, 08:50 AM
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There was an SE a few years back with the same problem... would not group at 25 yds... plus 1" groups with 10 shots, if you put more through it you could miss the black on an NSRA prone 25yd target. Tried everything, all sorts of makes of pellets. Best it got was with JSB. Still awful. Guy took it back to shop who gave him another, same thing... in the end the shop checked all their stock out, 12, all went back.

You'd have thought they'd sorted it by now. Makes you wonder what people think is acceptable. We had a chinese thing which ran on two CO2 capsules up the end for less than 70 out shooting it.
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Old Today, 11:30 AM
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I see this quite a lot at the indoor public range. It's almost always a BSA R10 (Mk3 normally).

It's normally a dodgy magazine, so the first thing I do is either use a single shot adapter or load 1 pellet into the mag. If there's only 1 pellet in the mag, it normally lines up centrally with the probe/bore, as soon as you load more pellets in the mag, that's where the indexing goes horribly wrong (normally).

If it's not the mag, quite a lot of R10's aren't shooting JSB Exacts well at all (even using some of my own personal stock of mega batches).

In those cases, I've found that RWS Superdomes work much better than Exacts ( Superdomes, not Superfields!)

Oh and clean the barrel before you do any of that investigation. I'm seeing quite a lot of new R10's with extremely dirty barrels. Rather than a pull-through, these things need a chimney sweep.

That process seems to solve or at least identify most of the problems, but I have had a few R10's and even a couple of Goldstar's that still wouldn't group at 30 yards.
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