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Old 19th December 2015, 07:51 AM
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Default HFT springer rig

I'm looking for advice as to what a good springer hft rig will be.

I realise there's a lot of personal preference, but any general advice would be appreciated.

Do I need to have a super tuned gun to compete?

I'll admit a nostalgic affection for hw77s, . Can a good competitive rig be built on this platform?

Regards scopes, is there anything that stands out as the best choice for hft?

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Old 19th December 2015, 08:33 AM
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If I were starting down the road again I would look at AA TX200 / Walther LGU / HW 77 or 97. Pick the one that you feel fits / you like the feel of best. Normally club members are only too happy to let you try their guns and give advice.
No you definitely do not "need" a super tune to be competitive. Degrease, remove any burrs, a well fitting spring guide and top hat, relube... job done. Try a few different pellets and select the one (make and die batch) that groups best through your barrel.
Scopes are very personal (as our eyes are all different) but, for HFT good depth of field is important and a reticle that you personally like, again have a look through some that your club members are using.
If the bug really takes hold you can later think about a custom stock, more tuning etc. but, none of it will contribute very much compared to putting in the practice and building your knowledge and experience of range finding and reading the wind.
The Auld Alliance
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Old 19th December 2015, 08:42 AM
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It all comes down to personal choice .
The hw97 the hw77 the tx200 the pro sport are all very popular a few use the walther lgv competition ultra .
For the tunning again there are plenty of choices from the likes of sandwell field sports a vglide from Steve pope the full Monty from Dave hall and a few others.
A Paul Short ultra glude is also very good .

The tx if you buy a mk3 people like to short stroke these or fit light weight pistons ect.

Another option is a drop in kit which can be bought from most tuner's
Vmach kits ,sfs kits ,welsh Willy kits, target tune India ect.

Then you can add custom stocks for better fit and feel a heavier stock is sometimes preferred to help with recoil .

Again scope choice is just pick something that suits your eyes.
People do very well with scopes At £100 upto 2.5k for a s&b

An hw77 can easily compete any springer you can group well can be very good .
It's really down to the Person pulling the trigger

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Old 19th December 2015, 08:49 AM
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I'm not sure how much you know about HFT already?

You mentioned ' Compete/Competitive ' in your post. What are you thinking of competing against?

In the UKAHFT National series this year in 2015 there were only 4 springer shooters that qualified with 6 out of 9 shoots. The lad who won it by a mile only shot the minimum number of shoots.

It's fine shooting springer in HFT but you are probably best realising that you are only competing against yourself and the courses ( that's the same for most shooters in HFT ).

So you don't need a super tuned rifle to do that. Anything decent that will give you under an inch groupings HFT prone at 45 yards will be fine. Most people will go for a TX200 or HW77/97. So if you like the 77s then they will be fine. A 77 out of the box will be fine but one that has had a degrease and basic tune with good fitting guides is even nicer to shoot.

0.177 is most sensible. 0.22 will just be even harder.

I shot springer in HFT for 12 years or more.

If it's what you want to do and you will enjoy it then do it. You probably need to realise that springer HFT is not for the faint hearted. Shooting a recoiling rifle is harder than a PCP. So a lot of people will say that they get more satisfaction out of shooting a springer. Yeah yeah that's fine but you have to realise that HFT courses have evolved and with people using top end pcps and a rock steady HFT prone stance the courses have become very tough. Lots of small kill zones and angled shots etc. This had to happen to stop pcp guys clearing courses.

The problem is that when you get a windy day now a lot of targets can become a lottery.

So on a stillish day a decent HFT course will be very hard work for a springer shooter. On a windy day ... good luck. Add to this that there is little gain from having supported positionals with a recoiling gun. Add to this that those angled shots are tricky for the pcp men with your body twisted at all angles ... try that with a springer where you have to change position of your hands on the stock to get to the different angles ( poi changes with different positions of hold on a springer ).

Look at the scores that springer men get at HFT courses. The very best ones will sometimes get into the 50's. Most springer shooters are well down in the 40's. So you are spending 3 hours in a wood and probably only hitting half of the targets. Most of the time you won't have a clue why you have missed.

There's only a few people shooting springer for a reason.

Scopes ... it's up to what suits you and your eyes. It also depends on whether you are good at ranging by eye or whether you will want the scope to help you there with blur or with bracketing.

The only useful piece of advice re scopes is to go to a club and look through plenty of scopes and see what suits you. Please don't buy until you've done this. I'd also buy second hand for a couple of years until you realise what you actually want.

General advice is something around 8 - 10x mag with a front objective lens of no more than 40mm ( pref smaller ). A ret with multi aim points ... mil dot, half mil dot, tree etc. Don't get the MTC Connects as you have to have your eye right up to the lens and the recoil will cause a problem.

Don't buy cheap on glass unless you find a cheapish scope that really suits you. Get decent glass. Get decent mounts. Make sure the scope and mounts are set up properly.

Go break your heart on courses.

Last edited by skires; 19th December 2015 at 08:59 AM.
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Old 19th December 2015, 10:02 AM
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Look what the good Hft Springer shooters use
Rick Ardern. RIP mate, never ever forgotten!

Currently in stock........

Steyr LG100 x2, Ripley AR5S x3, hw77 x2, hw80 x2, hw100, hw97, hw98, Walther Dommie, Walther LGV, Stoeger x20s .22, Daystate mk4 in a custom laminate stock, Diana mod 50 + Gamo compact & Röhm twinmaster pistols

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Old 19th December 2015, 10:46 AM
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Ive had a few boingers...tx, prosport, 77 etc...latest hft rig is a Paul short tuned 98' very nice to shoot too...shame im crap
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AA S400 carbine in GNIB stock..hawke sidewinder
HW80k ..hawke panorama
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Old 19th December 2015, 01:59 PM
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Default Cheers chaps

Many thanks for the replies and advice.

For context, I'm not a novice with airguns but I am to hft / ft shooting. Our rifle club has recently become a member of nefta and will be holding ft / hft shoots in future. There's only really one person at the club who has experience in these disciplines so trying different setups etc isn't straight forward at present.

I'm just trying to get a basic knowledge of something to have a bash with. Perhaps taking into account the above comments regards springers I might rethink and use a pcp instead...

Thanks again
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Old 19th December 2015, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by greytemples View Post
Many thanks for the replies and advice.

I'm just trying to get a basic knowledge of something to have a bash with. Perhaps taking into account the above comments regards springers I might rethink and use a pcp instead...

Thanks again
Wise choice..........

I really enjoy shooting my Prosport in the Paul James springer champs every year, but compared to my PCP's they are a different art.
I do think it is healthy to keep a springer to shoot in comps occasionally though, it certainly smartens your technique up and brings you back into line.
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Old 19th December 2015, 05:36 PM
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Shot the NEFTA Hunters with a TX200 for a few years now and I must admit its not easy, but can be very satisfying when you beat a few PCP shooters
Reducers and difficult positional shots are not very forgiving when you have recoil to contend with so if your happy to start with lower scores and build up from that then go with it, if not, get a PCP and cheat
Just as an after thought these are the numbers which shot the Hunters
76 shot open (pcp)
34 shot kneel/standing (pcp)
15 shot Recoil
so you are shooting in a smaller league (your worst position would have been 16th in NEFTA)

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Old 19th December 2015, 06:50 PM
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Interesting thread
I have owned a few pcp rifles and a few springers.
The accuracy of the pcp is amazing and many have the looks to match.
For me however they are simply to boring to shoot.
If you can master range finding and the wind ,you will do well with a pcp.
Now the springer is a different matter.
Not only do you have to master the wind and be able to range find.
You also have to be able to master the techniques required in order to use a springer successfully.
Its also useful to learn basic springer diy tuning.
Hit a tough 45 yarder with a pcp....good shot.
Hit a tough 45 yarder with a springer that you have tuned.....sheer heaven lol.
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