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Old 23rd August 2015, 05:14 PM
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Steve Privett : Wftf 2015 Springer World Champion
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Old 23rd August 2015, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Steve Privett : Wftf 2015 Springer World Champion
That's fantastic news Rob, and well done to you as well. Buy both of you a really big beer from the Buccaneers, I'll sort you out when you get back!

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Old 23rd August 2015, 08:34 PM
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Hope all the British lads and Paula had a great time but Rob i have seen the photos,very good,and seen the scores impressive ,but could you give all the FT shooters in the UK some idea of what went on?IE what was the accommodation like?food and drink and prices,was it easy to get to and the language barrier and organisation ,hospitality,and the three courses? Was there any wind and what size kills,how many kneeling and standers? We're the shots low down or high up?would like to know as the last world ft comp I shot was way back when we had it in England.many thanks Andy.
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Old 23rd August 2015, 08:38 PM
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Will do Andy, gonna do a report as soon as I get back
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Old 23rd August 2015, 08:46 PM
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Look forward to it Rob, well done chaps.
Well done Steve for keeping the English ****** up.

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Old 25th August 2015, 04:43 AM
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Targets after third day

This rabbit had climbed very high

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Old 25th August 2015, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Burbulas View Post
Excellent test for flexibility and physical fitness, perhaps not shooting ability!
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Old 25th August 2015, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Excellent test for flexibility and physical fitness, perhaps not shooting ability!
I failed on flexibility!

I will do full report later as I wrote down ranges to all targets. memory says that the red course 15mm AA rabbit was 11m and very steep.
give you a breif idea, yellow course was 19 targets of 45m (49y) or more plus about 8 x 15mm kills mostly at 18.5m. any 25mm kills at 30 to 33 m lol
4 standers, full at 33 and 38m plus two x 25mm at around 20. cant remember others on yellow but have full course detail in the columbo book!
red course a bit more mixed 6 standers, granny smith apple " green " ( horrible colour to shoot) was back to 4 standers
150 targets needed mostly pump down middle or pick you edge in invisible wind and out of kill, 0 on yellow, 2 red ( had one drift 40mm and one surprise moving 60mm with no idication of any wind!) and X on green on lane 2, the fire break lanes on green.

food nice and cheap. we stayed outside the camp and for a chicken breast meal with chips and poison (salad) it were under 5 euro.
lager about 1.30euro.
it was hard to spend money!
most places you could find someone who spoke english and menus etc were translated.
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Old 25th August 2015, 07:52 AM
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Default Lithuania

Well what a great experience with a few hiccups on the way but all in all a great trip,
First I need to say thanks to all the boys that helped me out, Doz for his shoes and tracky bottoms , Simon for the seat , jack and Nick for some bullets , berty for a pellet pouch , and lastly Simon ayers for the jacket ( the mustard marauder) thanks John for my new nickname
Love it , The courses were all a treat to shoot everything for everyone no complaints from me ,Marshaling was a little bit over the top to say the least but more training and more common sense need to be used , they docked me my standing lane , they stood and watched me take them both and we're taking pictures from behind trees and then tapped me on the shoulder and said no score , well shocked was a understatement my foot was clearly behind the line and he told me my trigger finger was over the line 25mm ish he said , and no negotiation, the thing that got me there was no consistency i seen dozens of shooter doing the same as me all round the course but they just looked at what he wanted to my partner on the second day was clearly over the line on the same lane and the Marshall never docked him , oh he was Lithuanian , but I must say they all worked tirelessly over the three days they done a mega job but we're not trained in the use of discretion or sportsmanship,I'm sorry if I affend any one with my comments but that's the way I seen it , on a happier note the crack was mega ( stenton) you need to be on the stage as a impersonator I thought calps was going to wet himself at his impretions, just to end I feel sorry for the boys that lost there guns on the way home , hope it all works out .
Regards Dave
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Old 25th August 2015, 09:25 AM
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The Lithuanian's have set the bar very high with this one!

Venue - brilliant!
Courses - excellent! The closest full kill was 40 yards by my reckoning, and I can only remember a couple of full kills closer than 45 yards. Lots and lots of long lanes including the positionals, and if they weren't long they had reducers on them.

Red course had 7x 15mm kills on it and 4 or 5x 25mm reducers, and I'd say that was pretty similar on the Yellow and Green courses too.

These were World Championship standard courses - harder than a Grand Prix I'd say.

Red course were mostly slightly downhill, the other courses mostly slightly uphill, but by and large everything was pretty much on the level, apart from one 15mm reducer on the Red course which I ranged at about 12 yards at an angle of around 45 degrees. If you had a Rowan Hamster it was a doddle, if you didn't - not so easy, but it was one target out of 150 and I don't think it was unfair to include it ( although I do have a Rowan Hamster )

Targets - these were all Gamo targets, but we inspected them closely before the event and there wasn't much Gamo left of those targets, they were very well modified and tested and by and large worked flawlessly. We did have one target malfunction and ultimately a possibly dodgy decision was made about how to deal with it, but any decision made wouldn't have suited everyone so it was a tough call to make - I can't honestly say that if I had all of the information in front of me that I wouldn't have made the same decision.

Marshalling was the main point of contention at this competition with a huge number of points being docked for what I would say were very very minor infringements.

One shooter was even given a warning for breathing too loudly! (I'm not kidding!)

At times (usually the kneeling lanes) the marshalling was invasive.. On one of my kneeling lanes I had 5 marshals watching, and one scuffled up through the bushes to stand within 2 feet of me while I was trying to take a shot.

Overall though, in the past marshalling at the Worlds has been very poor with lots of people getting away with quite major rule infringements (cheating basically), but this year they were very very strict to say the least.

Too strict I think, but it's a good start, all we need to do now is scale that back a notch and it'll be spot on.

I think the problem was that many of the marshals had little experience of FT, but they had a rulebook (the Spanish rules) in front of them and they followed them to the letter of the rules.

Conor can't say there are no rules in WFTF any more - this time round they had more rules than you can shake a stick at and they weren't shy about applying them either.

Brussels Airlines - crap! We had a lost case on the way over and 3 damaged scopes, including mine which must have taken a huge whack to actually bend my scope! It was 150 clicks out on elevation on the zero range!

A big thanks to Mick Woodhead who helped me out on Thursday - it's pretty depressing when you get your gun out of the case, take a shot at a 25m sheet of A4 paper and miss it completely, but Mick stayed with me to help calm me down and try to make the best of a bad lot.

On the way home we spent 3 hours waiting to check our guns in, only to find out the plane had been delayed which meant we missed our connecting flight home and had to wait 4 hours in the terminal (not a complete disaster but not great). and then for those flying back to Heathrow they managed to lose 6 Firearms!

But all in all, a brilliant World Championships with loads of positives and a few negatives that need to be ironed out.

Oh - and well done to Steve for bringing the Springer title back to England as well, with a mega 45 on the last day to jump from 3rd to 1st under the radar.
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