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Old 10th August 2015, 03:10 PM
cloverleaf cloverleaf is offline
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Default HW100 accuracy, barrel quality and fouling - your experiences please!

So without going into detail, I have an HW100 and I'm not happy with it's performance. It fouls quickly, accuracy is poor when clean and worse when dirty (think 15-20mm c-c groups at 35yd) and the crown looks like it's been finished with a blunt spoon.

I'd like to think I've got a one-off turkey, however all others I've looked at seem to be similarly poorly finished, and (despite it's highish-end image and excellent trigger) there seem to be very few of them on the target shooting circuit.

I'd be interested to hear of any experiences forum members might have had with the HW100 and it's barrel / accuracy - positive or negative..

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Old 10th August 2015, 03:14 PM
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this **** is killing me.
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I've had 3 HW100's over the years and the accuracy was excellent in all three, although not common amongst the " top shooters" I've seen loads on the circuits over the years and not heard any issue with barrels, crappy stocks and over power issues yes but not barrels.

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Old 10th August 2015, 03:26 PM
cloverleaf cloverleaf is offline
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Perhaps not the answer I was looking for, although mine was also sailing very close to the wind before I binned the AT and yes, I hate the stock.

Thanks for your input
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Old 10th August 2015, 03:31 PM
frank frank is offline
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I have a full length hw100 in .177, accuracy is fine, almost single hole groups at 30 yards if i am steady enough,the barrel does not like cleaning very often and i just put six felts through it when i start getting the odd flier,
it is pellet fussy and it is important to find a pellet it likes and stick with it,
mine likes jsb exact 8.44 grain in 4.53 head size, 4.52 head size and it is like a shotgun,
yours however may like a different pellet?
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Old 10th August 2015, 04:08 PM
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Mike, you are welcome to borrow my hw100T to compare but you would have to pick it up from aylesbury as my righthand is in a cast after a bike accident at the minute so i cant drive and wont be up the club this weekend otherwise i would have left it with Graham
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Old 10th August 2015, 05:21 PM
Artfull-Bodger Artfull-Bodger is offline
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Try Exact express, and have a look at the batch number on the tin of Exact you are using if it ends in 15, try another batch, it's very possibly the pellets!
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Old 10th August 2015, 06:59 PM
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Have you tried a different scope? I have seen many peoples accuracy issues be down to the scope not being parralaxed correctly or they have set the px number on the scope to match the target distance but the scope has not been calibrated very well resulting in errors caused by eye position. I friend has just bought an new AO Panarama which is like this, he had to tape over the markings and re-mark it correctly by manually focusing it each distance.
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Old 10th August 2015, 08:52 PM
what barn door's Avatar
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Default Good accuracy

My HW100 is pretty damn accurate, the stock lets it down as I find it difficult to return to the same position each time and as tench mentioned, that's when small amounts of parallax error creep in. For the record mine preferrs H+N over jsb or AA.

Another plus side, once you get rid of that goop they cover it in is that the regulator is about the best (as factory fitted) that I have come across. AA could learn a thing or two!


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Old 10th August 2015, 08:53 PM
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I have just bought a new .22 hw100kt. Using h&n ftt individually weighed at 14.5g it is shooting 589 to 599fps over a full fill giving 90 shots. I hope it drops a little.

Accuracy wise at 25 yards average group sizes are 4mm ctc. It will basically one hole. At 35 yards its 8mm ctc and at 55 yards 12mm ctc on average.

Accuracy drops off after 350-400 pellets but a quick vfg felt pulled through with barrel cleaner has it straight back to normal. It does seem to get dirty quickly it might be better using 5.51 pellets more so than the 5.53 h&n ftt pellets but they shoot so well I don't mind cleaning it every tin or so.

Hope you get yours sorted.
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Old 11th August 2015, 01:52 PM
POI POI is offline
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Hi there, much of my HW100T work has been driven by information from yourself on forums so I do have to thank you. We both have similar issues with this rifle but after a great deal of work I am convinced it is the variable quality HW barrel that lets this rifle down. Some it appears are lucky and get a good barrel and others like myself don’t. From new my rifle had a consistent FPS but produced at very best 1” CTC groups at 40 yards. After hundreds of test pellets with different makes and head diameters I found that JSB Exacts in 4.53 produced the best overall groups. I have measured, rolled, weighed, washed, lubed and sized countless pellets to try and get something close to a more consistently tight group. One thing that confounded me was that it would sometimes achieve pretty much pellet on pellet at 40 yards (all tests rested, nil wind) and then other times would be all over the show. Although I have a polished hammer, different springs, cylinder, AT removed, barrel floating,etc none of this really helped. I did find that muzzle flip can be a cause of inaccuracy if you don’t account for it. Different silencers certainly have an effect and after trying A&M, Qtec and the original Weihrauch I have settled on the original Weihrauch. I also experimented with the Rowan and UK Neil airstrippers but no improvement over the Weihrauch silencer for my setup and shooting at home is easier with less noise. The AA Qtec silencer was quite different to the Weihrauch. I feel this due to barrel harmonics and weight rather than internal design. I use a Hawke Airmax 30 6-24 x 50 and I discovered some of my early accuracy problems were parallax errors shooting on x24. When testing now I shoot x12 or x14. I also went around a pretty big loop on this HW100 two piece action movement/change in POI possibility. I swung from “its definitely poor design” to “its ok, believe in it” with this. I do think the walnut stock doesn’t do the gun any favours. I have a CS800 custom stock and I found it’s important to watch the gap between the top of the cylinder and the bottom of the barrel when you tighten up the back and fore-end screws. If it is not seated right in the stock it will influence the POI however tight the two socket head screws holding the two halves of the action together are. I experimented having the cylinder loose to very tight, it now has a thin rubber washer (bike inner tube) between the cylinder and action to allow some movement due to temperature change and isn’t hard tightened up. (the main inlet valve, cylinder grommet slides in a tube effectively so the cylinder can be safely loose on its thread). Whether this has helped I’m not truly sure. You and others have posted information on measuring shot development time and with Audacity on my PC I have confirmed my sound trace roughly ties with others results. And barrel cleaning - bought a VFG kit and I have figured the best regime for this barrel. Caught fired pellets in water and checked rifling on pellets under microscope. All rifling marks look good and consistent.

Then a new direction when I read your other forum posting titled “HW100 barrel - poor internal finish, lead fouling and accuracy loss”. This prompted me to have a close look at my HW100T crown and lo and behold mine was exactly the same as your problem crown in that excellent picture you put up on that forum. It looks like the crown cutting tool that puts the 60 degree chamfer on had worn and effectively swaged over at the end of the rifling lands. As a quick fix I got someone at work to square the end off of the barrel on a lathe - although I later found out that this had not been done right (more later) this provided a definite improvement. It was also about this time that I discovered that die 34 JSB’s on this squared barrel crown provided very good single hole groups at my 27 yard local indoor range. I bought a sleeve of these from Intershoot but dearly wish I had bought many more sleeves now as nothing else has been as good as these At 40 yards there were signs it was better but there was still this re-occurring issue whereby I would get a few pellets hit pretty much the same hole and then the next shot would be 10mm to the right and then the next shot would be right on top of that. And then it would switch back to the original POI. Very frustrating. So very good but still moving around. Then on a whim I thought new barrel – so I bought a new barrel from Sportwaffen Schneider Germany. This barrel had a very good crown, nice and clean, well cut. It shot good – as good as my original barrel perhaps but the big change was it really favoured lighter pellets for some reason. AA Express and Falcons both did best in this barrel – I got to that point when someone in our local club sent me an article my Steve Pope/V Mach from the April and May 2010 Airgun Shooter magazine (still available by request on the V-Mach website). This talks about the importance of crowning with respect the bore axis. So off the original barrel went to Steve for a professional re-crown. Back on the gun I have not seen any significant improvement but in my own mind the crown is now out of the equation. This is where I am now – still with the original barrel - it still does cloverleaf groups at 40 yards and many shots are pellet on pellet but I still get an occasional bizarrely consistent group to the side.

So if you already think I’m pretty mad having been through all the above my latest mod involves the pellet probe. I read an article from a Dutch 100 yard target shooter (HW100Lightstream on WOC) where he suggested adding 3mm to the length of the pellet probe. So I turned a brass insert up at work and soldered this to the end of another pellet probe. The idea being that the pellet seats itself more fully in the rifling of the barrel at the breech end. Still testing to see whether this has improved anything but results just this last weekend don’t show any big leaps. I also read about this mod in a magazine interview a year or two back with a Field Target shooter but I couldn’t find it again. Anyone ?

Having done all of this I am now perhaps predictably researching the virtues of lapping the barrel. I am in the process of gathering together all the info I can find on this from the internet. “Fire lapping” pellets with a lapping compound syringed in to the breech end seems the easy approach but not very eloquent or controlled. I would also rather start with a minimally invasive approach and build it up. Or perhaps I give up on this and try a BSA or LW barrel. Overall the HW100 is a great design but I do sometimes dwell on the inordinate amount of time I have spent fiddling in order to get it shooting consistently to a standard I know it is capable of !

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