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Old 24th May 2015, 04:55 AM
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Default Customer Service at LEUPOLD

Dear Members:

I thought that this is a story worth telling...People in the community need to know the extent to which LEOPOLD is willing to go for keeping its customers happy.

I ordered two Custom Made Scopes from the Custom Shop at Leupold 2 years ago (july-August 2013), one of them was a Comp 40 X and the second one was a FX-3 Competition Hunter 6x42mm Adj. Obj for BR shooting in the Hunter class....Both scopes were ordered in light silver colors (The FX with a lighter shade), custom reticles, turrets, name engraving and other special features...

The Comp 40X for FT use was recommended by Holly and the shop promised it for 6 weeks after I placed the order... I got it two weeks before the deadline and the scope more than fulfilled my expectations.
At this time the shop advised me that the FX-3 Comp would take at least another 2+ months because the special very light color shade I ordered...

After 10 weeks I called the Custom Shop and the shop manager apologized for the delay and explained to me that the color I had ordered was brand new and not in stock ...He asked me for another 2 months waiting time and offered me a second alternative: To immediately ship me the scope I ordered but in any other color I wanted with a 15% discount...He said: I would personally make sure you get it this week...

The regular scope retails for $585.00 in the US but mine being from the Custom Shop sells for a little over $950.00 with all the bells and whistles I wanted/ordered...I opted for waiting on the color I initially ordered...

Then on January of 2014 before I had a chance to call the shop, I received a call from its manager who told me that the tubes were still not ready (anodizing problem) and that Leupold was very sorry for the delays...But while I waited, the company would be shipping me the exact scope as I ordered brand new in the box but in BLACK color...This would be a LOANER FREE OF CHARGE for me to use while they had my order ready ....

I told the shop manager that I was afraid of marking-damaging the scope and he replied NOT TO WORRY even if the scope was destroyed...He said:
"Don't worry about it, we are a customer oriented company and we would do WHATEVER it takes to keep our customers happy, on top of that we are the factory and we can repair anything you do to it"...
He added: "You will have this scope TOMORROW and we will call you as soon as we have the one you want ready, please wait for our call...We are doing the best we can..."

I received a brand new scope as mentioned above the very NEXT DAY, he shipped it overnight-next day delivery (Free of any charge)...This was January of 2014

We had a family emergency and needed to leave home for 6-7 months last October of 2014 and I totally forgot about the scope issue...

We got back home on April of 2015 and a week after I received a call from the shop manager...He explained that the light silver color did not meet the durability and uniform shade pattern that Leupold requires for its "Standard of Quality" and that they would not be offering this shade of color (discontinued).

He apologized and before I could say a word he added: : "We are very sorry for not meeting your expectations, but in return and as a compliment we are giving you for FREE the scope that we lent you...It is yours to keep and we hope that other than the color, it meets your expectations...if not, please let us know...We are here to make you happy" ...

Being a gift I asked him if it it had warranty...He said: "Absolutely, all of our scopes have lifetime warranty no questions asked...Yes, your scope is a custom shop scope with a lifetime warranty"...and that was the end of the conversation.

I honestly feel and believe that this is a story that people need to hear, I have NEVER ever been treated so courteously and in such a way by any company I have dealt with in my entire life..,.I have never had this kind of customer service anywhere at any price.



Note: Scopes from the Custom Shop have slightly better optics because the lens are matched and hand picked and the scopes are built selecting the best components of the already excellent parts the company uses in their manufacturing process.

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Old 24th May 2015, 07:05 AM
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Hi Azuaro

This is a great story, thanks for sharing

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Old 24th May 2015, 01:35 PM
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Default Top firm to deal with

It's a pity other scope firms don't take a page from leupolds book.
Their warrantee goes with the product not the person that paid for it ,you don't even need a receipt.
And I can also vouch for the European rep ,Harold Ross also offers an excellent service.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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Old 24th May 2015, 02:27 PM
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And that little story of goodwill has won them on here, amongst this community, reputation that the biggest PR budget going couldn't buy.

I agree with you, Ratinator, too often the long term vision is obscured by the need to reach this year's or this quarter's or this month's target.
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Old 24th May 2015, 02:29 PM
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Thats outstanding service, well done Leupold!
My silence is not weakness, but the beginning of my revenge.
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Old 24th May 2015, 02:36 PM
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Are they in the GTA ?


Well done Leupold. First class service that others should perhaps note.

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