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Old 22nd March 2015, 07:36 PM
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Default Southern Hunters Series final round results from Bisley

Once again many thanks to the team at Bisley for laying on a cracking course today and some perfect weather.

Thanks also to Terry, Chris and Bridgette for all their help through the season.

Finally of course many thanks to Claire and the team at Air Arms for their support for the series in providing the goody bags, the gun bag and the S400 rifle for today's raffle.

Todays scores are as follows (the season results are now on the SHS website:

First name Surname Class Score %
Mike Byford Open 58 100.00% 1st
Colin Wilson Open 57 98.28% 2nd
Richard Woods Open 57 98.28% 3rd
Rudy Goldslade Open 57 98.28%
Keith Warburton Open 57 98.28%
Charles Peal Open 56 96.55%
Aaron Friend Open 56 96.55%
Gary Morrison Open 56 96.55%
Roger Bentley Open 56 96.55%
Simon Vant Open 55 94.83%
Geoff Ryder Open 55 94.83%
Glen Breadmore Open 55 94.83%
Ali James Open 55 94.83%
Steve McCrindle Open 55 94.83%
Vince Holland Open 54 93.10%
Philip Jacobs Open 54 93.10%
Tony Ward Open 54 93.10%
Russel Inns Open 54 93.10%
Alex Larkin Open 53 91.38%
Andy Simpson Open 53 91.38%
Gary Chillingworth Open 53 91.38%
Terry Aiken Open 53 91.38%
Bill Chaplin Open 53 91.38%
Stewart Tennant Open 53 91.38%
John McDonald Open 53 91.38%
Simon Hammond Open 53 91.38%
Jill Cochrane Open 52 89.66%
Gary Brooks Open 52 89.66%
Stuart Woods Open 52 89.66%
Jenny Stone Open 51 87.93%
Ian Clark Open 51 87.93%
Steve Edminson Open 51 87.93%
Luke Davies Open 51 87.93%
Nigel Nixon Open 51 87.93%
Nigel Buchan Open 50 86.21%
Justin Rayner Open 50 86.21%
Kim Lum Open 50 86.21%
Simon Whittick Open 50 86.21%
William South Open 50 86.21%
Ian Bainbridge Open 50 86.21%
Dave Newman Open 50 86.21%
Mike Edminson Open 50 86.21%
Gary Friend Open 49 84.48%
Finn Cochrane Open 49 84.48%
Justin Rhone Open 49 84.48%
Steb Martinez Open 49 84.48%
Mike Issac Open 49 84.48%
Paul Hargreaves Open 49 84.48%
Angus Williams Open 49 84.48%
Spencer Bailey Open 48 82.76%
Charlie Harman Open 48 82.76%
Ken Sayer Open 48 82.76%
Simon Reynolds Open 47 81.03%
Scott Marshall Open 47 81.03%
Steve Edwards Open 47 81.03%
Colin Dopson Open 46 79.31%
Justin Parrot Open 46 79.31%
Anthony Smith Open 45 77.59%
Jon Kelly Open 45 77.59%
Simon Eley Open 44 75.86%
Steve Haworth Open 44 75.86%
Neil Parrot Open 44 75.86%
Darren Hynes Open 43 74.14%
Ralph Rustell Open 43 74.14%
Scott Stanley Open 43 74.14%
Mike Seagrave Open 43 74.14%
Terry Trott Open 43 74.14%
Alan Goodrun Open 42 72.41%
Dave Henderson Open 42 72.41%
Jonathan Herwit Open 40 68.97%
Liam Todd Open 40 68.97%
Craig Leong Open 39 67.24%
Richard Baugh Open 36 62.07%
Derek Watson Recoil 54 93.10% 1st
Chris Roberts Recoil 54 93.10%
Lewis Hodges Recoil 51 87.93%
Mark Stanley Recoil 47 81.03%
Damien Walker Recoil 45 77.59%
Martin Hills Recoil 43 74.14%
Dario Mitrovic Recoil 43 74.14%
Jordan Clark Recoil 43 74.14%
Roy Pearce Recoil 42 72.41%
Simon Pittaway Recoil 42 72.41%
Bob Brand Recoil 42 72.41%
Mike Sara Recoil 40 68.97%
Basil Meacher Recoil 40 68.97%
Nick Byrne 0.22 50 86.21% 1st
Ed Tandi 0.22 48 82.76%
Graeme Cargan 0.22 46 79.31%
Phil Stoaks 0.22 46 79.31%
John Kirkwood 0.22 44 75.86%
John Lacy (Wurz) 0.22 39 67.24%
Lauren Dopson Junior 37 63.79% 1st
Jean Greatrex Ladies 55 94.83% 1st
Brigitte Vant Ladies 50 86.21%
Barbara Pearce Ladies 43 74.14%
Penny Holland Ladies 41 70.69%

One thing I neglected to mention was today's Platinum badges: Vince Holland, Lewis Hodges, Charles Peal

Congratulations to Geoff Ryder on winning a proper gun, Roy on winning the gun bag, Chris on winning the Bonus Bunny (no fix!) and the 10 winners of the Goody Bags.

We had 97 competitors today and the whole competition really flowed very well which bodes well for next season, in total we have had over 200 competitors take part in the series - look forward to seeing you all through the summer leagues and back in the SHS in the Autumn and I look forward to seeing Gary's photos from today!
Mile Oak Shooting Club
Southern Hunters Organiser
Air Arms HFT Team
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Old 22nd March 2015, 08:05 PM
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Many thanks to Charles and co. Really enjoyed the series and today was no exception.
Cheers Jean and Bill for your good company today, was quite tight between us.
Well done Gary for carting us from shoot to shoot.
Big thank you to Air Arms for the 400 classic, much appreciated! (Fair play to Roger Bentley in that regard)

Well done ALL the winners!
Silence is the enemy........

Last edited by Sharpe; 22nd March 2015 at 08:06 PM. Reason: forgot something
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Old 22nd March 2015, 08:29 PM
stueyT stueyT is offline
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A big thanks to the Southern Hunters Team.

I 'well enjoyed' the 2 rounds I managed to fit in this season and if next year you guys and the CSFTA can agree calendar dates I'm sure MVAC (Meon Valley) would have a bigger turn out at all the rounds.
Not sure about what seemed to be a zillion 'mini-kills' though, still a whole summer to practice me thinks.

Cheers and ATB from the MVAC wednesday arvo pensioners club,
Mike Seagrave
Terry Trott
Dave Henderson
Stu Tennent
Steyr LG100 10x42 SWFA --- HW100 K-Lam 10x42 SWFA
Anschutz match54 --- BSA Martini
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Old 22nd March 2015, 09:02 PM
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what a great day it was , welldone to Charles and to everyone else involved in making this series happen.
Also big congratulations goes to Mr" Consistant" Mike Byford
also well done to all the other class winners .
Also like to give Keith Warburton a mention today who shot his socks off .well done
The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.
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Old 22nd March 2015, 09:37 PM
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Thanks to everyone for putting this great series on!

Tugg you need locking up pal! Ha!...made me nearly split my sides seeing you in that wig!!

Spongey XX
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Old 22nd March 2015, 09:48 PM
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[QUOTE=tugg;191754]what a great day it was , welldone to Charles and to everyone else involved in making this series happen.
Also big congratulations goes to Mr" Consistant" Mike Byford
also well done to all the other class winners .
0Also like to give Keith Warburton a mention today who shot his socks off .well done[/QUOTE

ditto on this , my first year on the SHS really enjoyed it , really well run !, thanks to all the people I shot with and got to know,
Keith , you know your gonna keep it youve really got to grips with the 500 mate well done !, wait till you see garys pics ,

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Old 23rd March 2015, 02:37 PM
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As said above.well done to Charles and Co for running a great series. Also well done to all the winners especially to our very own M.A.D. lady Jean Greatrex for becoming the southern hunters ladies champ!!!
Jen x


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Old 23rd March 2015, 04:09 PM
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Tugg, Vinny, thanks for the kind words. I'm going to have to eat loads of pies and wear lead pants to lower my centre of gravity so that I might have a chance of knocking down a stander. Or, god forbid, maybe do some excercises

Charles & co ... many thanks for all your efforts in putting on a great series.

Nigel, it was great to shoot with you and as for Justin's new invention of a cheek-spike - well, it seemed to work pretty well
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Old 24th March 2015, 06:00 AM
DreamGenie DreamGenie is offline
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Well done Charles on organising and running an excellent series! Also to all your helpers.
Thanks to Geoff & Bill for your company, seemed a long shoot but the banter filled the gaps!
As always, thanks to Gary for the lifts and Alex & Geoff for the company.
Well done to all the winners, well deserved!
Looking forward to the next series when fierce (or is it Pierce?) competition starts again!!!
AIRARMS Team Member 2013/14/15/16
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