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Old 9th November 2014, 07:31 PM
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Default NEFTA Winter League 2014/15 - Round 3 - Pontefract

NEFTA FT Winter League Round 3 - Pontefract - 9th November, 2014

Scores on NEFTA Website

1Andy CalpinAnston30
2Mike DaltonRedfearns28
2Neil HaguePontefract28
2John LeeRedfearns28
5Keith GilyardPontefract27
5Mark StentonAnston27
5Ian TaylorPontefract27
5Stewart WilliamsRedfearns27
9Chris AscoughGuiseley26
9John CostelloThorn Dell26

1Paul LawrenceAnston29
1David RobinsonAnston29
3Warren EdwardsAnston27
3Jamie JacksonEmley27
3Dylan VarneyRedfearns27
6John GrayThorn Dell26
6Paul HarbronThorn Dell26
6Steve HebblethwaiteRedfearns26
6Roy IronmongerRedfearns26
6David JowettEmley26
6Martin OwensRedfearns26
6Phil PriceEmley26
6Russ SpencerAnston26
14Andrew MonniezPontefract25
14Trevor RyanEmley25
14David TomlinsonRedfearns25
14Paul YatesEmley25
18Tony WaistnageRedfearns24
18Glynn WaitonAnston24
20Philip JohansenPontefract22
21Paul MonniezPontefract21
22Billy HartleyGuiseley19
23David MitchellRedfearns18
24Jack GraingeGuiseley17

1Dave GibsonEmley27
2Michael TrowmanRedfearns26
3Paul MartinPontefract25
4Peter BockingThorn Dell24
5Danny DackombePontefract23
5Steve GrimshawEmley23
7Mick ChapmanRedfearns22
7Graham FleemanAnston22
7Ian FurnessEmley22
7Nicola GoreGuiseley22
7Richard TrowThorn Dell22
12Simon HiltonPontefract21
12Glen WalshPontefract21
12Paul WarnesPontefract21
15Harry BrownRedfearns20
15Mark GraingeGuiseley20
15Wayne MitchellRedfearns20
18Mike DowsonThorn Dell19
19Dan GilmartinAnston17
20Robert TarranEmley12

1Zak CooperAnston25
2Richard ShepherdYork24
3Graham CooperAnston23
4David LawrensonAnston22
4Peter StaddonYork22
4Neil WoodheadAnston22
7Mark HurstAnston21
7Keith SpencerHull21
9Gavin HoppsThorn Dell20
9Peter ShearerAnston20
11Philip GreenAnston19
12Peter ThorneycroftAnston18
13Martin CalpinAnston15
14Paul CarruthersGuiseley13
15Karl PetersAnston12
15David PickGuiseley12
17Simon BurgonPontefract11

1Fred StanbridgeRedfearns24
2Ernie CleughRedfearns22
2Russell SteadPontefract22
2Brian ThomsonPontefract22
5Shaun ElliotPontefract21
6Dave GallagherPontefract18
7Chris AsquithAnston17
7Paul BrownPontefract17
7Dave ElsdonAnston17
7Lee StevensPontefract17
11Robert ListPontefract13
11Bob YorkeGuiseley13

1Brian SamsonPontefract28
1Jon WillinghamHull28
3Simon HigginsAnston23
4Terence HornerThorn Dell21
4Adam LeesRedfearns21
6Ivan MarsdenAnston20
7Alex BotsworthAnston17
8Rob YorkeGuiseley15
9Stephen BowersPontefract13

1Chris CundeyEmley26
2Dean CorfieldPontefract21
3Tony MartinPontefract19
4Mark CrosslandEmley17
5Simon BattyePontefract16
5Julie StonehousePontefract16
7Lee EllisEmley15
8Darren PercivalPontefract13
9Tom O'BrienPontefract12
10Chick McGowanPontefract10
10Marc PlattPontefract10
12Blake LawrensonAnston7

1Andras Fekete-MoroVisitor28
1Robbie O'NeillVisitor28
1Steve WilsonVisitor28
4Andrew GillottVisitor27
4Bob O'NeillVisitor27
6Andy WilsonVisitor26
7Mark BrewittVisitor24
7Chris HillVisitor24
7Nick MurphyVisitor24
10Robert LongVisitor17

Pistol ex 10
1Stephen BowersPontefract9
1Dave GibsonEmley9
1Adam LeesRedfearns9
1Ivan MarsdenAnston9
1Brian SamsonPontefract9
6Chris CundeyEmley8
6Roy IronmongerRedfearns8
6Tom O'BrienPontefract8
6Trevor RyanEmley8
10Chris AsquithAnston7
10Paul LawrenceAnston7
10David LawrensonAnston7
10David TomlinsonRedfearns7
14Alex BotsworthAnston6
14Simon BurgonPontefract6
14Andy CalpinAnston6
14Jamie JacksonEmley6
14John LeeRedfearns6
14Phil PriceEmley6
14Richard ShepherdYork6
14Ian TaylorPontefract6
14Paul WarnesPontefract6
23Lee EllisEmley5
23Keith GilyardPontefract5
23Mark HurstAnston5
23David MitchellRedfearns5
23Peter StaddonYork5
23Mark StentonAnston5
23Robert TarranEmley5
23Neil WoodheadAnston5
31Simon BattyePontefract4
31Ernie CleughRedfearns4
31Graham CooperAnston4
31Darren PercivalPontefract4
31David RobinsonAnston4
36Danny DackombePontefract3
36Martin OwensRedfearns3
38Julie StonehousePontefract2
38Glen WalshPontefract2
40Martin CalpinAnston1
40Blake LawrensonAnston1

Silhouettes ex 20
1Neil HaguePontefract19
2Keith GilyardPontefract18
3Ian TaylorPontefract17
4John CostelloThorn Dell16
4Chris CundeyEmley16
6Andras Fekete-MoroVisitor15
6Paul LawrenceAnston15
6John LeeRedfearns15
6Martin OwensRedfearns15
6David TomlinsonRedfearns15
11Andy CalpinAnston14
11Mike DaltonRedfearns14
11David RobinsonAnston14
11Mark StentonAnston14
11Glynn WaitonAnston14
16Ernie CleughRedfearns13
16Mark HurstAnston13
18Dean CorfieldPontefract12
18David LawrensonAnston12
20John GrayThorn Dell11
20Simon HigginsAnston11
20Andrew MonniezPontefract11
20Paul MonniezPontefract11
20Dylan VarneyRedfearns11
25Ivan MarsdenAnston10
25Trevor RyanEmley10
27Simon BattyePontefract9
27David JowettEmley9
27Adam LeesRedfearns9
30Richard ShepherdYork8
30Neil WoodheadAnston8
32Simon BurgonPontefract7
32Peter StaddonYork7
34Glen WalshPontefract6
35Stephen BowersPontefract5
36Graham CooperAnston4
36Tom O'BrienPontefract4
38Julie StonehousePontefract2

115 Shooters in attendance

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Old 9th November 2014, 07:46 PM
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Hi brian just to let you know i shot ft not sft today cheers mate.
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Old 9th November 2014, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by LEE ST, View Post
Hi brian just to let you know i shot ft not sft today cheers mate.
No worries - all updated
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Old 14th November 2014, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
No worries - all updated
Excuse my French but.....J'ai tirer un coup de .22 'a Pontefract mais je ne sais pas que le FT n'a pas le .22 cate'gorie....Quelle Horreur!!!! Live and learn eh?
Beginning to do better
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Old 14th November 2014, 12:35 PM
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Yes Tom, we don't have calibre specific classes in FT - you're free to use whatever calibre you like so long as you remain under 12fpe. With range finding scopes being so good these days, the loopier trajectory of a .22 needn't be such a disadvantage, who know's maybe you'll start a trend?
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