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Old 19th October 2014, 07:31 PM
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Cracking weekend, what with Mile Oak yesterday and Buxted today.
Excellent course made even better by the wind!
Well done to all the winners, top shooting!
As Rammy said, great meal and company at the White Hart, was a good crack.
Well done to the caterers, very good portions I thought.
Lastly thanks to Jean for the lift
Silence is the enemy........
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Old 19th October 2014, 07:33 PM
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Semper fidelis
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Forgot to say, enjoyed shooting with Kyle, and Sparky and Stephen so close, we did have a laugh......
Silence is the enemy........
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Old 19th October 2014, 07:35 PM
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Thanks for the day Buxted, I could not read that wind in the wood today. I was also caught out by your large faceplate and other range traps. Well thought out guys. The 475 miles driving was testing enough. I will stay over the night before next time.

Thanks for the day.
You can never shoot enough pellets
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Old 19th October 2014, 07:54 PM
popsheep popsheep is offline
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Default buxted today

Did a couple of Marshall stints to keep my hand in and got to say well done to Andy and helpers the course looked very very good never had any doubts asto the guality from the Sussex lads hope to shoot there next yesr.
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Old 19th October 2014, 08:02 PM
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You're always welcome Ian, shooting or not.
Thanks everyone for your positive remarks, makes all the effort worthwhile.
UKBR22 - Airgun Benchrest Team 'A' - World Postal Champions 2009/10
Buxted - SIHFT. - Winners, 2008/9 & probably 10 - UKBR22 - Airgun Benchrest - National Team Champions 2009/10
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Old 19th October 2014, 08:14 PM
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As above . Really enjoyable coarse , clearly well thought out .
Thanks to Buxted for the coarse.
Thanks to Lanky Mark and Barry for the company.
Hats off to James for driving the 570 mile round trip on the day
Seven eights are fifty six !
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Old 19th October 2014, 08:28 PM
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Default Brilliant!

Thanks to all involved with setting up a brilliant course. Thanks too to whoever organised the wind!

It was indeed the course of the year, in my somewhat inexperienced view!

Finally, Mr David Nichols. You are a gentleman to shoot with, great company. Congratulations on your PB today. Hope the grin lasts a good while!
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Old 19th October 2014, 08:37 PM
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Thanks all for a great final round today.
Really enjoyed the course, and the company from Colin.
Great weekend with some brilliant people. (thanks Jean & Geoff)
Well done to the winners, see you at the Gathering.

MAD for it.

Steyr LG 110 Gary Cane, Leupold 2.5-8x36 TMR
Member of the UYK, UYB, UYC, UYH & UYE club.

I would like to agree with you....but then we would both be wrong !!
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Old 19th October 2014, 09:23 PM
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Hope you all got home safe, thanks to all who ventured so far south of the river to play today and for your positive comments.

Big thanks go to the Busted(spelt correctly) few who worked tirelessly over the last few days to build and take down the course and its entrapments.

Peg 13 was 25yds.

Again thanks for attending.

Hobbit Army

Rick Ardern super low mounts ISP MK3 pellet launching platforms and Sightron 10 x 42mm telescopic sights.
Because it is not about how, but how many.

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Old 19th October 2014, 10:01 PM
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What a great course and fun weekend to end the season! 400 mile round trip for me but I would do it all again. Had a great time shooting with Helen and Nigel. A few more points would have been nice, I am clearly not as clever as the course setters are devious! Very well done Buxted!

I was sad to see fellow Kibby shooter Theresa shoot an outright win in the ladies only to find herself in a shoot off which she didn't win because of a pulled target. We all smile when we benefit from pulled targets so equally have to accept being on the other side of it occasionally, But great shooting, well done!
HFT, for people with only 2 buttucks!

VooDoo TwoTwo The next chapter.
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