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Old 17th June 2014, 06:48 PM
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Default ???? scope for HFT ?????

Just looking but which scope is best for HFT only looking to spend no more then £150 new our old just looking for ideas and what I shoud be looking for
Love doz
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Old 17th June 2014, 06:57 PM
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Everyone will tell you diffrent scopes.
Its about what looks good to you. As a scope may look great for one person but bad for another.
I would see what people say then look through them to see what you like. Plus there is diffret ret's to think about to.
I use the mtc viper fixed 10x44 scope with scb ret. To me it is great very clear. Second hand £100 can allways get your hands on them aswell.
Good luck with the search.
AA Ev2 mk4. Paul Wilson maple stock. Leup comp 40x mil,dot scope.
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Old 17th June 2014, 07:02 PM
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Thumbs up

I would go for a telescopic. It needs a reticle in the middle.
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Old 17th June 2014, 07:17 PM
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Default HFT Scope

Rhino 2,5-10x26 Mil dot .Priced only about £95 ,for the money this extra small front objective scope gives you little parallax error and great dept of field. Other small objective scopes with a good magnification and a objective smaller than 30mm starts at about £1000+

Ps.Also look at the MTC Connect 24 SL also a great buy, if you can get use to the short eye relief. (A little more than £150)
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Old 17th June 2014, 07:45 PM
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Hi Doz,
For that money I would say look at :

MTC Genesis 3x9x40 AMD

or second hand
Viper 10x42 SCB
Hawke Tac30 10x42 1/2 Mil dot

If you can drop one at the right price, then Burris 3x9 sscopes wiith either 32 or 40 front end are nice, that's if you can manage the BDC ret.Dont go higher on the maximum mag as they dont work as well on the ret markings.

The Korean made Genesis has the edge on glass IMHO but the ret is very fine. All the same fittings as a Swift scope which are also made in Korea!!!

I dont think that you need to be told about different glass and different eyes knowing who you are

Last edited by DEAN C.; 18th June 2014 at 10:54 AM.
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Old 17th June 2014, 08:05 PM
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New it would be Hawke Panorama/Mtc Genesis/Vortex Diamond Back (awsome glass for the money if you can make a bdc ret work for you) Used Mtc Viper/Hawke tac 30 (half mil-dot or sr6)/ Falcon Menace/Bushnell Elite 3200 fixed 10 mag.
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Last edited by MickyFinn; 17th June 2014 at 09:29 PM. Reason: forgot about the bushnell!
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Old 17th June 2014, 08:31 PM
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The only problem for you with the Burris is going to be the reticle.
The Ballistic Plex takes a bit of getting used to but it does work.
I've got a 3-9x40 Fullfield II you can try out if you want to along with a Burris Sako Quad 3-9x32 Ballistic Plex.

L/H Pro-Target MK111 Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32 Ballistic Plex
L/H TX200HC Burris Fulfield II 3-9x40
L/H TX200 GinB

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Old 18th June 2014, 06:13 AM
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Hi Doz, Dean has covered it quite a bit.

Having done both HFT and FT ( i have a big Sightron ready to roll for the winter league) i would say that finding the right HFT scope is at least 10 times harder that finding a FT scope. Having the px and mag fixed causes all sorts of problems that only appear when shooting in a comp so a scope you think is great on the zero range may not be so good on a course. Shooting a scope with fixed px and mag can be tricky and although there are some nice scopes out there i still keep coming back to the 10x44 MTC Viper. Probably one the most popular HFT scopes but does not suit everyone.

Are you at Newbury for the next GP as i can ask if Trev Ryan can bring my spare 10x44 Viper down for you to try out for a few months.
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Old 18th June 2014, 07:17 AM
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Another scope to bear in mind if you prefer mildot over scb would be the Bushnell 3200 10x40, often overlooked nowadays but still a very good scope and normally only £100-125 secondhand. The 5-15x40 Legend is also good if you can get on with the ballistic ret
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Old 18th June 2014, 08:02 AM
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All these scopes would have to be second hand to be in your price range Hawke Tac 30 Mtc fixed mag scb ret EB sniper Falcon menace Also the MTC Connects AMD ret
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