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Old 26th May 2014, 06:35 PM
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Red face Sticky S200 trigger

Hello, my first post!

I am back to the hobby after a long break (using my two sons as a thin excuse ) things seem to have changed since the late 80s'...

I bought a new AA S200 (single piece stock) mainly for my 13 year old son but it certainly puts a smile on my face too!

After a tin of pellets I wasn't happy with the trigger. The first part of the movement was light,pointlessly long and very crunchy, then there was a bit where it felt scratchy and any movement was one way only - if you released the pressure and reapplied the trigger didn't go back to the first stage it stayed where it was. Then the release was quite stiff but it was crisp. I never used to touch the triggers on my old air rifles but this was really bad enough that I looked into what all those screws are for and whether this was common to this rifle.

After a relaxing trawl through the net with the iPad and a coffee I found these links:

The Timinder write up:

My favourite compilation of ideas and clear images is here:

I decided that rather than take my brand new under warranty air gun back to the uber friendly shop and have it looked at by a friendly expert, I'd have a play with it myself

I decided I'd do a half way house trigger job and do everything suggested in the last two links but leave the power adjustment screw, mainspring and striker well alone.

This is what I did...

*** I am new to the hobby, I am NOT an expert, this is NOT an expert guide! ***

I followed the existing guides to safely remove the S200 action:

I needed to drift out the pins holding the trigger and trigger lever. To make this easier and lower the risk of scratching anything I made an MDF support with holes drilled to accommodate the pins etc. I found this made things a lot easier, I had to use an air line to keep everything clean and stop any MDF/dust contaminating the lubricated action. (The trigger lever has spacer washers either side - mine were so heavily greased they never left their position but I'd guess they would be easily lost or forgotten.)

As far as I can make out this is a big part of the problem, the face of trigger lever part that acts against the striker was as rough as a badgers backside.

Quarter of an hour with a dremel polishing wheel and it looked a lot better. Another time I'd definitely look at getting the striker out and polishing the opposing surface that this part acts against, but as Harry said: 'A man's got to know his limitations'.

The adjustment grub screws on the trigger were rounded and polished in a lathe (as per the Timinder pdf).

Finally I put a small washer on the aft most adjustment screw to stop the spring riding up the thread.

After putting the action back together I screwed the action back into the stock (leaving the air cylinder and barrel off) with the trigger feel as it would be in the rifle but completely safe, I spent about half an hour playing with all of the adjustment screws.

Other guides cover the adjustment very well and I just followed them. In the end I call this a success as I have a safe, smooth and predictable trigger which is miles better than it was before, now to leave it well alone for a long while

Any observations for the better informed would be welcome
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Old 26th May 2014, 07:15 PM
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Join Date: May 2014
Location: North West
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Default Images

For some reason the images in my post don't appear on mobile devices, anyone know how to fix that?

(I've just linked to images I've posted in the gallery on this site.)
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