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Old 14th January 2014, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
This is the UKAHFT section. If you shoot a comp under UKAHFT rules the targets are white or yellow with a black kill. Could well be different under other rules.
I think as you said previous mate there are clubs out there doing their own thing.Not good for this chap or indeed me the last time i shot.
I couldn't see the kill zone, guessed where it was, got it wrong and hey presto.
Lost a point right away
Now..imagine that on EVERY lane....not nice at all.
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Old 15th January 2014, 05:54 AM
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I'd like it, my eyes aren't in the same league as Simons but I've struggled to find targets, especially when the string goes off in the wrong direction or it's nailed down.
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Old 15th January 2014, 06:07 AM
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We trialed fluorescent paint at a club few shoots last and everyone thought it was great...a lot better
than boring yellow and black/white and black.The HFT boys loved them...and thats a tought crowd to
win over..

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Old 15th January 2014, 06:07 AM
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Just a note, we tried the fluroscent yellow paint and to make it work best it needs an undercoat of white paint which needs to dry completely. The fluroscent yellow was then sprayed over it, (small cans which are more expensive than normal paint). Also when respraying, the misses need to be resprayed over with white again then the fluroscent sprayed over, but time consuming and double the paint.
Just my experience but they are a far more visible target and also in low light at dusk are easily spotted too.
He who never made a mistake never learned!
He who never missed never shot!

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Old 15th January 2014, 06:32 AM
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personally i dont mind paying a bit more per shoot if it means that the event is a level playing field for everyone.
maybe reduce the bonus bunny pot if people dont want to pay more..

the lumi target pics look good by the way, are these better blue ?
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Old 15th January 2014, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
Hi all, its been a while since I've posted due to personal reasons.
I would like to ask a serious question, to which i hopefully get sensible answers.
As a few of you may know I have now been registered as sight impared/partially sighted. I don't need to go into details but would like to carry on shooting but due to my poor vision I can not locate the targets.

The question I would like to ask is:
Could the face plates be painted in a luminous yellow with a black kill zone? Best contrast as stated by RNIB and one I can confirm

Now before people say the base plates can be yellow, well to someone with severe visual problems locating a yellow target is nigh on impossible, especially in the shadows. I'm sure its not just me who struggles, and would make a massive difference.

I really don't want to give up on shooting, but it is at the point I cant locate the target over 30yrds and am lucky enough to have a very understanding shooting buddy who tries to help out. Many a time I am unable to locate the target and so just discharge a shot over the firing line and score 0.

I'm not asking for a lot just a simple change in colour so that those that struggle seeing are not being discriminated against and that everyone has the same chance of seeing the kill as a person with 20:20 vision.
I understand that this request may seem a step to far, to those that have no vision issues, but please give this serious thought and place yourself in a position where you struggle seeing the targets. Its no fun looking at your scorecard seeing 0's just because you cant locate the target. Oh and following the string makes no difference as you loose that about 20yrds in.

Thanks for reading this

I think suggesting people with poorer eyesight are being discriminated against is a bit harsh as following on from your reasoning then a lot of people will be discriminated against when shooting a hft course, they might have bad legs/hips/backs or be larger/taller/smaller or shorter than the average person. There's no doubt that you are at a disadvantage with poorer eyesight but I wouldn't agree that we are discriminating against you.

At what point are you not able to find the target? is it when looking at the target without a scope, when looking down the scope or both ?? I'm assuming you are using a really good quality scope with a bigger field of view ?

A few posters have mentioned using flourescent paint but you specify luminous ! So here are a number of questions on the paint you are suggesting:
- Is luminous paint going to light up when used in a dark wood as there is no extra light to charge the paint ??
- Is luminous paint available in spray cans as a brief search I did came up with pots only, in this case how long does it take to dry
- The tinned paint is usually quite thick to hold as much of the pigment as possible so does it flake off in huge pieces when the faceplate is hit ??
- How are you going to see the target once a few people have shot the faceplate especially on lollypop style targets ?

Has you suggestion been tried at your club? if so can you give us details please.

It may be a cheaper alternative to look at using target numbers on highly visible surrounds next to the target as this would be a one off cost and not subjest to getting shot up
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Old 15th January 2014, 08:08 AM
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I feel for this guy and anyone who is having sight problems.

My eyes certainly aren't what they used to be.

Would luminous paint cause glare problems through the scope?

I'm trying to think how you can be helped?

Pete has mentioned quality glass if the problem is through the scope. Maybe decent glass with a larger objective. That would mean narrow depth of field so you may have to use low mag. However maybe be better on low mag with a brighter view. Better to be shooting at smaller targets rather than not being able to see them.

At the cricket a number of the lads use those light and contrast enhancing specs ( usually yellow ). Trying to see a dark red cricket ball on a dull day with a red brick or tree background is a nightmare. Those specs really help. Everything is so much brighter and clear with them . Maybe they would help you see the targets in a dull wood?

Have you tried those? Are they actually allowed in HFT ( the Pete's will tell you ).

Good luck with it and I hope you can carry on shooting and enjoying your HFT.

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Old 15th January 2014, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
Correct, I'm not asking for special treatment.
All I want is to be able to turn up to a shoot, and know I will be in with a chance of seeing the targets I am aiming for. Knocking them down is always a bonus.
Think of it like this.
You travel to any club that is putting on a shoot, and once you start you can only shoot say half the course due to some reason, just imagine how frustrated you would feel, let alone disappointed, not at the club but yourself.
The clubs only follow the rules, and thankfully rules can be changed to make things better.
Unlike loosing your vision

@rogb I understand where you are coming from but I only shoot at clubs affiliated to the UKAHFT. As stated yellow on black KZ may be good for those with good vision but luminous Yellow on black KZ is good for all shooters. It would be nice to think that the UKAHFT and all clubs actually think about everyone that shoots at there grounds and would happily adopt the colour choices whether UKAHFT affiliated or not.
If you can spray paint a target yellow, you can just as easily spray it luminous yellow
I couldn't agree more, are you talking about Day Glo yellow when you say luminous?
I struggle to see the yellow in Autumn colours too, but once I get my scope on the kill area, it's usually not a problem.
Before the UKAHFT yellow/white rule, you came across all kinds of daft colour schemes that turned HFT into an eyesight test. I remember once at MAD years ago having to take a 0 because I couldn't find the plate so eventually I just shot into the ground and went on to the next peg. Very frustrating!
PlastiKote do a dayglo yellow spray - 400ml for around £7 - may be worth a try on a suitable primer base?

Last edited by rogb; 15th January 2014 at 09:07 AM.
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Old 15th January 2014, 10:50 AM
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I also have extreme difficulty seeing targets any colour past 35 yards. I dont feel discriminated against I just get on with it, accept the situation and the poor scores. Im just happy to get out there and shoot. I suggest you take up 25 yard benchrest shooting then you can still shoot and do it sitting down too
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Old 15th January 2014, 11:50 AM
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Default .

Firstly I would like to apologies for my description. I do indeed mean dayglo/fluorescent.
Secondly this post is not just about me. As from the replies so far it seems an issue with quite a few people.

In reply to several things brought up, I currently use a lightstream scope. I have used a varied array of scopes up to a 60mm objective. I have tried filtered glasses and they don't help. I also tried differing mag and although it does help a small bit, it doesn't help with the contrast issues

The idea about numbered plates being made dayglo isn't bad, but as targets are often placed in differing positions in relation to the plate it is still sometimes a guessing game locating the target.

The pics supplied from G40 really speak out for the benefits better than I can write

Sadly I also have a bad back so cant lower myself to a poison dwarfs level, so I wont even entertain your comments, but I do get on with things, and am just asking for a small change to assist people continuing a sport they enjoy and have had years of fun partaking in.
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