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Old 3rd January 2014, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
Actually, I hadn't quite thought of it like that (Doh!). Although i was really looking for a static, one shot plot, an image with a wobbly (very) line on it, a moving image might do the trick

So what I might do is set up a sheet of gridded paper, strap a laser pointer to the top of the scope (or maybe even the end of the barrel, 'cos I have a very lightweight pointer), and then set up my camera to video the wobbles.

Ideally, though, I'd like some way to combine all the frames of the moving image into one still image. Anyone know if that is possible?

Thanks for the input!
You can do that in an image editing program like the Gimp, which is free...

But stick the pointer so you can't see it, otherwise you'll look at it and spoil the test... you want to be blind to it until you see the results.

But ultimately what you're looking for is a scatt. But if you can get the pointer to work then it will be a cheap stop gap.
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Old 3rd January 2014, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ianh1966 View Post
If your house is anything like mine, Front room, hall, middle dining room, kitchen and utility all 1 behind the other with all the doors on the same side? Wait til the Mrs is out, lock the dog upstairs, set a target in the utility, wedge open all doors and pace out several shooting ranges.... Bingo!
And if your house is anything like Ians don't use the door frames as a vertical reference or you will be canting all your shots!!
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Old 3rd January 2014, 03:53 PM
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The accuracy of your shooting in the standing position will not just depend on the stability of your hold. The importance of trigger control is massive in the standing position. That said the steadier you are the better, but just seeing the pattern and size of your hold might not allow you to improve things. Just dry firing on a light switch or something might give better improvement than recording your hold pattern without having a coach to pick things apart.

How much do you shoot in the standing position? I shoot more in the standing position than anything else, partly because it's the hardest and partly because I think it's the only position which improves results in the other two positions at the same time. Consider setting your gun up for maximum comfort in the standing position and compensating in the other steadier positions. Or at least moving the set up of the gun toward those that best suit standing. Having the scope too far back is deadly as far as balance is concerned.

May be try spending a lot of time shooting an easy stander, say 40 mm at 20 yards, and just get used to pounding it. This might give you a chance to think about your style without constantly straining to hit a target which is closer to your limits. Concentrate on being quick and precise with your trigger finger. It does the brain good to get used to see the blighters fall over, it should allow you to enjoy the position.

No one hits them all the time and no one holds the gun dead still, dig in and commit to each shot!

Good luck

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Old 3rd January 2014, 04:12 PM
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As above practice .........

I have very limited facilities so in my garden I have roughly 18yards, I made a 10mm spinner and screwed it to a 2" think paving slab to absorb any misses, practice as much as possible on it.

Summer / light nights, every night 20 - 30 shots.
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Old 6th January 2014, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
I really need to improve my standing shots (and, quite frankly, the rest of them as well). To that end I'd like to have a technical means of measuring and recording the stability of my stance when using different positions and holds.

Now I know one answer is simply "try it and see", recording the effectiveness of different stances simply by the groupings achieved on some sample targets - but that means going outside into the nasty cold and wet weather - which is also rather windy and which would thus add an unwanted variable into the mix.

So does anyone know of a relatively simple and cheap means of recording the movement of the rifle's barrel during the aim and fire sequence, something perhaps involving a smart phone, a laser pointer and a lump of chewing gum, or similar.
Many years ago , i discovered that no matter what i did , i could not stand still on standers . some shooters HAVE to ambush the targets as the sight goes by or in the kill . for standers i try to bring the sights down onto the kill and kneelers i bring it across from right to left and fire at the point of aim with regard to the wind . some times you just have to man up and admit your never gonna be the best standing or kneeling shot .??? HOLLY

PS if your dodgy on sitters as well . make your point of aim , low left of the kill ( calm conditions ) then breath in and the sights will go up high right across the kill , stop breathing and fire . works for me .
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