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Old 3rd December 2013, 12:39 PM
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Default What's all this FTP lark about ??

So where are these FTP's then ??? I have heard of one being sent out so far ?? I hear that somebody in Wales has one .... is this right ?? Where are the rest then ??

What's the goss ???

I didn't ask for these powers !
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Old 3rd December 2013, 12:48 PM
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Default Ftp

which one.....

* FTP Facility Training Program
* FTP Failure To Pay (court ordered fines)
* FTP Failure to Progress (obstetrics, labor)
* FTP Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian (Indonesian: Faculty of Agricultural Technology)
* FTP Family Transition Place (Ontario, Canada)
* FTP Fast Track Program
* FTP Fawcette Technical Publications
* FTP Federal Test Procedure
* FTP Federal Theatre Project
* FTP Feel the Pain
* FTP Fiber Termination Panel (Sprint)
* FTP Field Training Preparation (USAF ROTC)
* FTP Fight the Power
* FTP File Transfer Process (less common)
* FTP File Transfer Protocol
* FTP Final Technical Proposal
* FTP Fire Test Procedure (international code; marine transportation)
* FTP Fire Treated Plywood
* FTP First Time Pass
* FTP First to Post (message board)
* FTP First-order Theorem Proving (International Workshop)
* FTP Fitness to Practise (medicine; various locations)
* FTP Fleet Training Publication (US Navy)
* FTP Flight Test Procedure
* FTP Florida Teaching Profession
* FTP Flowing Tubing Pressure
* FTP Flush Terminal Plane (type of occlusion)
* FTP Fly-To-Point
* FTP Focused Technology Program
* FTP Foil Twisted Pair (cable)
* FTP Folded, Trimmed and Packed (printing)
* FTP Food Transfer Protocol :-)
* FTP For Ten Points (college bowl)
* FTP For the People (TV show)
* FTP For the Professionals
* FTP Forced Termination Probability
* FTP Foreign Trade Policy
* FTP Foreign Trained Professional (Canada)
* FTP Formal Technical Proposal
* FTP Foster the People (band)
* FTP Fracture Transition Plastic
* FTP France Télévisions Publicité (French: France Television Advertising)
* FTP Francs-Tireurs Partisans (French: Partisan Irregular Riflemen)
* FTP Free to Play (gaming)
* FTP Free Trial Period
* FTP Freedom and Technology Program (ACLU)
* FTP Frequent Traveler Program
* FTP Fresh Tomato Pomace (swine feed)
* FTP Fuel Tank Pressure (sensor)
* FTP Fuel Transfer Port
* FTP Fulfilling the Promise (various organizations)
* FTP Full Throttle Position
* FTP Full-Time Patch (ophthalmology)
* FTP Full-Time Permanent
* FTP Full-Time Position
* FTP Functional and Technical Program (architectural development)
* FTP Functional Test Procedure
* FTP Functional Test Program
* FTP Functional Threshold Power (exercise physiology)
* FTP Functional Transfer Plan
* FTP Funds Transfer Pricing
* FTP Funk the Police (band)
* FTP Future Tours Program (cricket)
...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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Old 3rd December 2013, 12:52 PM
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Default Oh, forgot these

File Tranfer Protocol ****
Files This Package ****
File Transfer Profile ****
file transfer pdf ****
Foiled Twisted Pair ****
From the Pulpit ****
Format and Placed ****
File Transfer Protokol ****
Functions in the PHP ****
File Transfer Protocoll ****
Forest Trees and People ****
Full Time Positions ****
Friends That Play ****
Freeman T Porter ***
File Transmission Protocol ***
Full Tilt Poker ***
Fellowship Training Programme ***
Firewall to Pass ***
For Transit Planning ***
For the Terrapin ***
Formal Training Plans ***
Free Throw Percentage ***
for the proposition ***
File Transfer Print ***
From the Princeton ***
Full Training Plan ***
fire test procedures ***
For Trading Partner ***
Family Tree Print ***
Frame Text Props ***
File Transfer Protcol ***
Fuel Transfer Pump ***
Financial Transaction Processing ***
Fashion Technology Park ***
Family Transition Program ***
Financial Technology Partners ***
From the Publish ***
For File Transfer Protocal ***
Free the Planet ***
File Transfer Programm ***
Fiber to the Premises ***
Florida Transportation Plan ***
File Transer Protocol ***
Forums Tlm Project ***
Forestry Training Programme ***
Federal Theater Project ***
File Transfer Point ***
Feasibility of the Prototype ***
For Technical Publications ***
Firewalls That Prevent ***
For Transferring Project ***
Forests Trees and People ***
Fisheries Training Programme ***
File Transfer Protocolo ***
Fast Toys Performance ***
File Transfer Protocall ***
Fake Tan Promotions ***
Finnish Team Players ***
Faculty Technology Program ***
Functions That Provides ***
Foreningen for Transpersoner ***
Fiber Twisted Pair ***
For Technology and Production ***
Fund Transfer Pricing ***
Folded Trimmed and Packed ***
File Transfers PROJECT ***
Files to Public ***
Future Time Perspective ***
Federal Test Procedures ***
Forums Tantra Ph ***
File Transferring Process ***
Fischer Tropsch Process ***
Full Term Pregnancy ***
first toa payoh **
fakro termo plus **
**** the Posers **
For File Transport Protocol **
Funkcja Ta Powoduje **
Function for Passive **
Free the Personal **
Fast Transfer Protocol **
Found That Prefix **
fast axonally transported proteins **
Features This Poweful **
Formats and Permissions **
Factory Test Plan **
Federal Testing Procedure **
Financial Transaction Plan **
Firm That Public **
Functional Test Plan **
Fundamental Theories of Physics **
Fault Tolerant Processor **
file transferring protocol **
Federal Test Protocol **
File Transfer Protocaol **
Fibromyalgia Tender Points **
Free Trade Party **
Faculty Training Program **
Free Toilet Paper **
File Transfer Protical **
Flexible Transfer Payments **
First Tranche Petroleum **
Flat Tax Proposal **
S-trans,trans-farnesylthiopropionate **
Fall Training Program **
Full Term Pregnancies **
File Transfer Protrocol **
Flux Time Product **
Forest Technologies Program **
File Transfer Proginet **
Folkelig Tilleggs Pensjon **
File Transfer and Print **
File Transfer Prev **
For Federal Test Procedure **
Fot That Particular **
Fast Transfer Program **
File Transfer for PC **
For for Ten Points **
Files on the Peanuts **
Flight Test Programme **
Fractal Therapeutic Project **
File Transport Protokol **
FInAl TOuCh PRoDuCtIoN **
Fire Transfer Protocol **
French Terry Pullover **
Full Tilt Points **
Flight Test Pilot **
For File Transfer Process **
Future Training Programs **
Family Teacher Partnership **
Fishing Tackle Plus **
File Transmission Protokoll **
First Temple Period **
First Term Pregnancy **
Fixed Throttle Position **
Functional Test Procedures **
Fuzzy Temporal Profiles **
Features of PWP **
File Transfer Potocol **
First Technology Place **
File Transfer PASSPORT **
File Trnsfer Protocol **
Futures Theoretical Pricing **
Family Tax Payment *
Fast Thermal Processing *
Fiankoma Teacher Programme *
Flight Test Plan *
Freshwater and Toxics Programme *
Fire Training Pit *
Fleet Travel Purchase *
Friedman Tongue Position *
Functional Threshold Pace *
Family Transfers Project *
File Transfel Protocol *
File Type Protocol *
Final Trial Part *
Financial Training Partner *
Fitle Transfer Protocol *
Fixed Term Plan *
Faculty Technology Participants *
Flight Test Panel *
Formulas from the Public *
Future Travel Professionals *
Federal Theatre Projects *
Fictitious Threshold Point *
foam tip plunger *
Fuel Trade Panel *
Fiber Termination Point *
Function Test Progress *
Far Term Projectile *
First Thanksgiving Plymouth *
Fleet Tactical Publications *
Florida Teletraining Project *
File Transfer Processor *
Forum der Technik Planetarium *
Frankfurt Theatre Preview *
French Television Producers *
Falmouth Trelawny Parish *
Federacion de Triatlon de Puerto *
Field Technology Partners *
File Transfer Protocoled *
Firearms Turkey Permit *
Fish Technology Program *
Flat Tock Playhouse *
Fleet Telecommunication Publications *
Fluid Transmission Pipelines *
Foreland Trough Petroleum *
Forensics Tabulation Program *
Forestry Today the Preservation *
Formed in To Promote the *
Fostoria Trading Post *
Freddy The Pomeranian *
Frontline Television Public *

...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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Old 3rd December 2013, 04:19 PM
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I think the late supply of Mineli stock components has been the reason for the delivery delay?

Surely you could use something else while your waiting Rog!
HFT, for people with only 2 buttucks!

VooDoo TwoTwo The next chapter.
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Old 3rd December 2013, 04:34 PM
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There is also one closer then you think Rog 😊
Somehow I made TEAM ENGLAND 2012 and 2013

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The real Kung Foo Panda.
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Old 3rd December 2013, 05:21 PM
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Theres one at Rivi
BASC Team England HFT 2010,11,12,13,14,15,16 &17
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Old 4th December 2013, 09:49 AM
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This is a certain Welshmans new toy, he'd have posted it himself but he's too busy playing

Last edited by Scooby; 4th December 2013 at 09:53 AM.
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Old 4th December 2013, 09:59 AM
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They are really nice looking bits of kit.
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Old 4th December 2013, 01:58 PM
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the butt pad is upside down
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Old 4th December 2013, 03:06 PM
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THat looks the nuts!
Especially with a Nikko 10x42 (early EB Sniper) and Sportsmatch :mediums.... hmm I wonder who it belongs to.
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