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Old 11th October 2013, 03:44 PM
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I know were your coming from with aa400 iv got a gb stock on mine but when i shoot it having shot the steyr for about an hour it feels old but will be keeping it.
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Old 11th October 2013, 08:01 PM
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I like Feinwerkbau's
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I would give the newer long version a miss if I where you
mine has been a nightmare from day one and then just when I think I've sorted it out it goes wrong yet again? when it's working it's deadly but it doesn't work very often! I also find it very unforgiving and if you so much as blink you miss. When I had my GP I could cough and still hit the target with the steyr you have to be perfect with your holdover or pay the price
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Old 12th October 2013, 06:54 AM
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This season is my 11th year of shooting my Steyr, in that time I've also had a good few other top end rifles, Walter, Ripley, Anschutz, ISP, etc, to see if any suited me better but nothing in my eyes has come close to the steyr. If you get one and it suits you you'll never need another gun
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Old 12th October 2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post

Held a stery 110 at the weekend and loved the feel and balance. Now, could someone or ones let me know the good and bad about these rifles before I lust any further?


evening matt.
youre welcome to try the steyr before you buy.
theres never any pressure for you to buy from me, in fact thats why i left you to nurture the gun on your own.
choose which one you want, take it, shoot it and never look back.
you cant compare a s400 to a steyr and as long as theyre kept clean theyll perform relentlessly.
like conor says, theres a reason why everyone shoots them.
like vinny says walther, ripley, isp, feinwerkbau etc just dont cut the mustard, although id disagree about the anschutz as theyre almost in the same league.
take one of my guns for as long as you like and if you think its siht ill eat the webley raider!
see you tomorrow (if its not psising down)




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