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Wafta FT 2013 / 14 Rd 1
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NJR 100
Because I`m AWESIME !!
24th November 2013
Castleton for Rd 1
Old 29th October 2013, 11:05 PM
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Default 4 pages and we not even loaded a gun yet lol!

Originally Posted by fatwelshboy View Post
The last series started at Avon Hawks. There were some arguments because WAFTA had no rule allowing a shooter to elect up to a higher grade. An emergency meeting was held on the morning of the next shoot (Blaenau). The result of the meeting, as I recall, was that shooters could elect to go up a single grade and that all shooters must elect to go up by the third shoot of the series. This was a one series deal and that the next series would be shot with grades locked down. Notes were recorded at the meeting so perhaps these need to be dug out as my recollection may be slightly off.

Gary's right about the standers being over the combined distance, not a big problem but if WAFTA shoots are not to BFTA rules then what rules are there? The standing lane was flagged up before any shooters had shot it and the reply was "the course doesn't need to be to BFTA rules, it's WAFTA main rules today". If that is correct then where are the main rules for WAFTA?

It would be nice to know before the first shoot so people aren't arguing over grades again. Finally, if WAFTA are using their own rules can the scores be put into the BFTA rolling twenty?
Hi Chris, I copied these from the wafta grading rules sheet i have a copy of.

7. Shooters cannot elect to shoot in a class other than their graded class.
I believe that was changed at an AGM but I have not seen an updated Grading rules sheet since then?

The last series actually started at Oaktree, then B/G, Avon Haks, Quarry then Nelson (WFTF Qualifiers)
The series was a 16 shoot series running from Oct 2012 - sept 2013.

I cant remember seeing any official resords of a meeting at B/Gwent, but I may have missed them?
Suggest you Contact Pat for clarification.

There is no combined distance in Main shoot rules Chris, download the Main shoot rules and Gp rules from BFTA website and have a read through them.
I am sure on the old wafta website it stated Wafta shoots are shot to bfta main shoot rules, same as the other regions who use them. Wafta comp sec should be able to confirm.

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Not wishing to intrude in issues that I have no knowledge of, although I am of the understanding that the combined distance ruling for a discipline lane is only for the BFTA GP series.
BFTA main rule stipulates a max dist of 45yrds for discipline shot.
A course only needs to be set out to BFTA rules IF they are being sent for BFTA grading IMO.

It dont usually stop you !!

You are of course correct on main shoot rules.

Originally Posted by fudge-1200 View Post
am sure if you have the time the Wafta web master would welcome input from you or others to help update things, not just shoot dates but perhaps photos, reports etc.
Its your wafta
I have attempted to contact the WAFTA web master to get Castletons details put up as there are none showing all to no avail. Do you have a special line to this person, if so could you please share it with me/us.

Only the contact details on the wafta website. I must say Julia has always responded within a reasonable time frame.

Originally Posted by fudge-1200 View Post
Have just received this message from Pat, I will put it on here as it is very unlikely it will appear on the WAFTA site.

Hi All,
I have been informed that the above shoot to be held on the 3rd November at Oaktree has been changed to the 1st December due to the farmer having to carry out maintenance work on the access road to the ground.

regards Pat.

Yes, general emails about this recieved yesterday and today. Seems all clubs were notified?

Originally Posted by harry 400 View Post
asking on behalf of a few disabled shooters.what about kneelers and standers now in WAFTA is there an open class or do they carry on as before with the alternative position they would like to know before the first shoot so BFTA or not BFTA .SORRY FOR THE HIJACK

This was discussed in Wafta after the Bfta ruling in March ? John Lewis I am sure then informed Wafta that shooters not taking a kneeling shot Kneeling or Standing, or taking a Standing shot Standing would be graded as Open as regards BFTa.
Wafta however seems to include disabled shooters scores "as is" and that is wafta perogative.
The two gradinging systems are seperate to some extent.

The bfta would like to see all regions introducing the Open class however. Open is a class that is for all that wish to use it.

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Looks like we have two shoots in a row now 1st & 8th Dec

I'm sticking to **** up in a brewery

Interesting comments Brian.
I wonder, given the repsonse to past comments I have made on an open forum About Wafta, what the power that be will make of your comments?
Perhaps they will have a drink while discussing?

Personally, as the shoots are a week apart I cant see much of a problem, as long as the weather is not an issue?
Family day saturday, shoot day Sunday. Works for those of us who shoot week in week out.

Originally Posted by sportsmatch View Post
Make that 3 Brian 24 nov 1 dec and the 8 dec

Week in, week out

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Some Clever rearranging gone on there, might as well shoot all the winter shoots this year lol
Don't see the turn outs being brilliant with those dates
I did not think there were any "winter" shoots, its a 16 shoot series?
Turn outs have not been very good for at least the last 12 months. Its not just wafta however.
Maybe access to some grounds, maybe some grounds are not deemed worthy to travel to. Combination of both?
If the answer was known, then perhaps wafta and other regions would start seeing increased numbers again?

Have to say Neafta seem to have the right format and from experience Mfta do, realy enjoying the Mfta winter series (Well done and thanks to all that have so far run and orgianised the events) even to the point where I am letting Mr.Blobby Pump me.
Only till Xmas thoguh!

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Don't think much thoughts gone in to this one, short
If the dates were spread out and stuck to then turn outs might be better, it's all about communications.
No one seems to know what's going on.

So how does a club stick to a date if the weather or some other set of circumastances dictate the shoot can not go ahead?
Clubs spend time preparing lanes, planning course (least some do) and so no shoot is called off lightly

I am presuming at your Club, B/Gwent, if there were 3 foot of snow on the ground on Dec 7th the shoot would still be on Dec 8th?

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Parking doesn't bother me so 'nope don't think I would'.
Seems as everyone seems to be questioning if there's a shoot on or not yep poor communications
Attitude maybe a reason for poor turn outs in the past....
Given I'd offered to bring 3 other down as they don't like the track and encouraged others to go, maybe I will give it a miss and save the fuel.
And thats the problem, Parking dont bother you, but I suspect the farmer does not want his rain soaked land torn up by Ft shooters trying to park?
Mike sent out an official cancellation of the shoot, Pat has passed that on.
I edited the shoot dates on here so it seems official enough to me and all was done with as much notice as was possible.

Its up to you if you attend or not
Personally i attend shoots were the zero range is more than an after thaught and where a club has thaught about Course layout, rather than just walked a line plonking targets out!
I go to Shoot well thaught out courses, thats the imnportant bit for me.

Its a field (or wooded ground) sport so i dont expect a road to lane one!
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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Old 29th October 2013, 11:11 PM
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Default Just swap Venues + Host clubs?

Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
Right then don't know about you lot but im dying to go shooting so I'll put a 30 or 40 shot shoot on this weekend. 5 entry. Happy days!!!
I still cant see, as shooters were expecting a shoot this Sunday and therefore should have reserved the date, if BG are willing to put a 30 or 40 shot course (30 if cold / wet is fine) that this can not now be an officail Wafta shoot?

As per text Jack, I personally am not putting 15 in the car and another 5 to shoot for no point(s)
I wish you well however and perhaps by the Dec 1 Oaktree shoot look forward to seeing you with your Ftp900, so does Acid Hands
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

REV26 Ostler Ev2 & x45 comp awaiting a Gary Cane Stock!
Beast Priest Ostler Ev2 & x45 prem ret comp in Warren Edwards stock
If you want the best, Ostler is the man
Pump your Fish, Little or Large
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Old 31st October 2013, 08:19 AM
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Default Right let's put this to bed...

Wafta is run using the bfta main shoot rules... Simple..

I agree that it's hard to have no shoots for ages and then 3 in one week.. But that's the case so let's shoot and enjoy them..

Mike has officially explained the shoot is cancelled and due to the reasons given and the current weather situation I understand.

Brian, this is a hobby/sport and people put a lot of time into trying to run it as best as possible. I understand your frustration bud honestly, but the shoot dates were arranged and agreed by each club that was in attendance at the wafta meeting. Now at that time it must have been discussed to not put any shoot on in October and thus bunching it all up towards the end of the year.. This has caused this issue now..

Because of this it might be best to chat to who ever went from your club and ask why no dates were used in October as we haven't had anything competition wise to stop us having a shoot.

This thread doesn't help matters when it becomes quite personal and unstructured. I have been a member if wafta nearly 23 years and thoroughly enjoy shooting in the wafta region.. Maybe your right in that we need to look at things. If you feel you can do that, then I'm sure you could propose yourself for chairman etc and help change things.. The meetings are welcome to anyone who is part if the region to go along and voice their concerns or opinions..

I got a feeling I will be at the next one and I'll be speaking about some things myself...

Now let's drop this and move on.

Mark Bassett
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Old 31st October 2013, 10:12 AM
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Oooh you're magnificent when you're worked up Berty
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