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Old 8th July 2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
chap i shot with had a sightron, think his eyes were out with it early on but as he and the scope clicked he range found everything spot on with no pellet hight issues
Hi Sue,
As Simons says, my Sightron didn't move at all yesterday. But in practice it has done exactly what you have experienced. So a few weeks ago I did what Rob recommended, I set it out into the sun, let it get good and hot for 20 mins and then sat on the range to created another set of scope markings and clicks for when the rig goes above 27C.
However, as I know the Sightron has the potential to do this I made sure yesterday that I always set it down in the shade and covered it white a small white towel to help reflect heat and this kept the whole rig at the ambient temp of 24C.

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Old 8th July 2013, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by swiftysue View Post
Had a great GP to day at Redferns , thanks to all envolved and little Jack and the other great guy I shot round with (sorry but me and names are rubbish) . For the first timei had trouble with my scope ever my scope was reading 55 if the target was 55 yards but I was going way way too high. On a sightron i had to come down 8 clicks to the 50 mark and this , and even 5 clicks at the 45 yards, and they are 1/4 clicks. It was fine on the plinking range but i have to admit as just settiling , it was about 28 deg and i do feel sick so perhaps the gun had sun stoke with me. I kind member of my club is getting a temp gauze for me but is it normal for the focusing ring not to be out????? any advise would be a great help please

I cannot help but think this is a gun or reg issue,and I would be checking that first to be honest.

Just a thought!
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Old 8th July 2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Shot round with a chap Saturday he was ranging up to 6 yards over.
I am that chap...strange thing was that I was hitting them when dialled in 60yds for a so called 55yd target. OK they were striking high.

At Redferns, no problem the scope was fine with the morning temperature and range-finding was as other people. Agree with Rob only found 2 to be 55yds.

Looking back, I think the problem on Saturday was that I left the scope in the car to cook for 4 hours before using it.
Still learning the Sightron so expect that somewhere between 20-25 deg C and 30+, the ranging changes. In fact JJ1 on here confirmed this to me at Redferns as he also has a Sightron.

My Leup comp did that, but the temperature shift point was lower i.e. Winter/Summer
So far, prefer the Sightron for range finding.

Sue seems to be saying that she was range finding OK, but the strikes were high. Seems more likely that the gun power has gone up with the heat or the scope has moved. Was the chrono reading at Redferns as expected Sue?
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Old 8th July 2013, 05:51 PM
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Default readying

Chrono reading was 786 or 788 which is high for mine and I did shoot in the morning , may be a combo of both ;-(
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