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Old 2nd April 2013, 06:32 PM
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Thumbs up rules

rule number 1 turn up
rule number 2 have a good shoot
rule number 3 have plenty of banter
rule number 4 have a burgger and a drink
rule number 5 leave happy
there you go new rules for you simples
Guiseley Field Target Club
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Old 2nd April 2013, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
I think the notion of a more relaxed set of rules is great and makes it much easier for people to have a go for the 1st time and just use whatever they have including an FT rig.
Surely though even the "relaxed" rules need to be written down for people to read through?
It makes it difficult for those trying to find their feet when the rules rely on everyone "just knowing them". Things like use of butt hooks, any hamster depth requirements, what can and can't be adjusted during a shoot etc would be handy so that buudy marshalling can be even handed for all.

As you know I'm sure, there will also be some very competitive people who want to win, and will stretch rules as far as possible for any advantgae they may be able to get. Just saying that something is not in the spirit of HFT will not stop some if they think they can get away with something. Also, as for cheating, if there are no rules to outline what is acceptable, how can something be "cheating" in the first place?

I am not for one minute suggesting that an extensive set of rules is needed, I think that you and Dave got it spot on, but surely it may be worth at least having the bare bones in writing in terms of what can be used, adjusted etc?

I love the fact that the Hunter series is not as prescriptive as some, long may that continue.
Not trying to be a pain Brian, hope you understand.
Ah... erm.. I've just had a look on the NEFTA site and the rules this year do seem to be considerably cut down from what they used to be.. I suspect the original rules sort of got lost in the mists of time.

So I do agree with you - NEFTA should perhaps consider including some of the original explanation rules we had. (I don't think they can do that now until the next AGM, but I'll pass it on and see if I can dig out the original web pages we had for the Hunter series when it first started).

Until that happens and is voted on, the original rules of the NEFTA Hunter were - the 2006 UKAHFT rules at the time with a couple of additions - You can use the FT kneeling position (foot supported by beanbag if you like), you can use a butt hook - but if you start pratting about with it on the course or start digging it in the ground etc - you're likely to have the **** ripped out of you and then some

To be honest with HFT you either get novice shooters - these are the target audience for the hunters - it's an event about encouraging new comers to the sport.

Or you get experienced competition shooters.

New comers aren't usually the ones that try to bend the rules - they come along with a hunting rig and if they bend the rules very slightly, we're likely to just have a friendly word with them but let them continue - it's not the flipping olympics, so what if someone gets a 46 instead of a 45 - the world won't end

Experienced shooters who are highly competitive are the ones who will sometimes try to stretch the rules to give themselves an edge - and really they should know better. If you're an experienced HFTer you know not to turn up with a Bipod and Laser rangefinder - we really don't need to spell it out.. but if you do, you'll have the **** royally ripped out of you - and you'd deserve it too
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Old 2nd April 2013, 08:03 PM
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Brian, you are a complete leg-end mate

Thank you very much.
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Old 2nd April 2013, 09:55 PM
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This all sounds sensible to me, and in the true friendly spirit of the Hunter series that I have really enjoyed over the last five or six years.
The fact that new shooters can turn up with basic kit or FT kit, and be mentored or buddied by the old hands, is exactly how it should be without strict rules being enforced. And we all know a standard 400 can do he business in the Hunter series.

I enjoy nothing more than seeing new shooters having a go, young or old, and the Hunter series is the perfect series to learn and enjoy the sport, and have fun.

Can I suggest not having Burgers in the rules though! as I like to know what meat I am eating!
I will stick to bacon butties.


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