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Old 21st September 2012, 05:04 PM
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Default Why it matters!

Now that the banter of the Euro`s weekend has died down I wish to ask a question......
"why does it matter?"
Whats this fool on about your all asking. Well my story first and all will appear.
No names mentioned in this thread except mine and James Osbourne.
James was my buddy marshal on day one of the euros and was marking my card. I and only I made a mistake and shot a target out of numbered sequence. Quite rightly James pointed this out to me (he didnt have too but he did like the honest guy he is). I cursed, pulled the target up I had just hit and shot at it again happily knocking it down again. But a miss went down on my card as the BFTA rules state for the first shot I made

Now I think most of us know this rule??

I have since been told from someone I believe and trust that a certain person who was marshalling someone who did the same and shot out of sequence and was told..."it doesn`t matter, carry on".
Now I dont blame the shooter taking the shot, he wasn`t to blame, just a mistake like I made. My question is aimed at the buddy marshal, and I think you know who you are too! "Why doesnt it matter??"

What gives YOU the right to shoot a competition and break the rules? Adjust them to suit your own ideas of whats right and just? I`d just like you to come on open forum and explain to me why you think it doesnt matter to abide by the rules and to just break them as you see fit or adjust them to suit your mates?

Rules are their for a reason, to keep us safe when shooting and to compete on a level playing field no matter what grade you are.
No matter what ability you are at you`d like to post a score knowing that you did it fairly wouldnt you?
New shooters, foreign visiting shooters and juniors may have seen you doing this, what will they think? Cheatings Ok is what they would think.
How can Field Target progress as a sport if WE cant honour the rules of the sport?

Am I moaning, yep! So please answer the question why YOU think it doesnt matter. Its been bugging me all week.
Andrew Gillott, 40007
I didn't go to Norway to look at rocks & water youth, I went to shoot.
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Old 21st September 2012, 05:28 PM
Alan Chambers Alan Chambers is offline
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Default Why it matters

Agree with you Andrew , it matters ,if we dont follow the rules why bother , Did it at the showdown my fault no one else's presume everyone would do the same , even if my partner had said does not matter( he did not, but like James told me I had shot first one out of sync) I would still put a 0 on the card , .... they are numbered for a reason , should be the same for everyone should it not ???? rules is rules ,If not can I take the standers sitting .....please
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Old 21st September 2012, 05:32 PM
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Default You have my vote

Had a similar thing happen on day 2 when I was shooting with Jono and Peter. On the kneeling lane ( which I think was lane 4 or 5,) Jono shot the first one on the post at around 42yds, then instead of shooting the closer one at around 25yds, he shot another target behind the shorter was a cracking shot in that wind as it was around 45 yds....It was such a good shot I was tempted to give it to him.......but rules are rules and a zero went on the card. Like you say Andy...we Marshall ourselves, and if we don't know the simple rules of a hit or a miss, or taking a target out of turn then we shouldn't be shooting at that level.

Neil Thorneycroft
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Old 21st September 2012, 05:39 PM
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Default Freebies

I agree as well , I too have shot targets out of order the last ones being on a little jolly to Norway and I didn't get a freeby. Did that given target beat someone to a placing did some one miss out on prise money , we cant have rules for some and rules for another.
It's a competition
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Old 21st September 2012, 05:43 PM
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It's a shame the witness to this didn't pipe up at the time!


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Old 21st September 2012, 06:24 PM
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For once I was actually paying attention when I was marshalling, and I was surprised to see the wrong target go down. Unfortunately the two targets on the lane were in line with one another so it was not obvious that Andrew was about to shoot the wrong target or I would have told him.

It is not a nice way to loose a target, especially as it was the first zero on the card.

At a shoot such as the Euros the rules should be followed, all the shooters competing should be experienced and if they make a mistake accept it as Andrew did. Even if their marshall is willing to let it go the shooter should be honest.

The course was not at fault as the targets were clearly numbered but I do feel that course builders have a responsibilty to ensure signs, numbers etc are clear. Not just to minimise errors such as Andrews (which isn't what the sport is about) but to help the flow of the course too.

I would 'cut some slack' however if I happened to be shooting alongside a novice shooter and their position was not going to affect anyone elses results on the day. Having said that, in such a position I should be making sure as much as possible that the shooter wasn't going to make that mistake. At that level I believe it is more important to show the freindly side of our sport to new shooters and encourage them but while obviously pointing out the potential pitfalls such as shooting targets out of order.

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Old 21st September 2012, 07:08 PM
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Default What that gilly bloke said

Totally agree wi that there gilly
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Old 21st September 2012, 08:04 PM
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Similar situation again, this time on the first standing lane (27 and 28?) where 27 was on the small tree about 20 yards away. I managed to shoot 26 which was on the other side of the same tree, yes I know it had numbers, I parallaxed on the bloody thing more than likely! But I made the mistake and shot the wrong target (incidently it fell!) My shooting partner told me "i'm really sorry but that was the wrong target, i'll have to mark it down as a miss" to which I said "**** you have nothing to apologise for, I made a mistake and that is that." If we do not have rules or abide by the ones we have then what the hell are we doing? We may as well pack up and go home as all competitions become meaningless. Andy I'm totally with you on this one.

Will Baskeyfield
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Old 21st September 2012, 08:18 PM
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One of my partner's, Dermot ross, did this on the first lane on Saturday Shooting left to right he shot a stander out of sequence, and like James and Karl.. sorry.. Gilly, neither him or me noticed until it was too late, and then i told him of the mistake so he could then shoot it again. As in the rules i marked the first shot as a miss and he took the same target again.
I have to admit i am guilty of letting folk shoot at both targets during local shoots where targets are only numbered at the firing line and they have shot them out of order... Sorry, it won't happen again.
As James said, if it's a newcomer to the sport you feel for them when it happens and want to put the sport across as welcoming, but on reflection the rules are the rules and if it was a standing lane i wouldn't let them sit...
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Old 21st September 2012, 08:29 PM
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Default This is why Gilly is my hero !

That is cheating in my book .

I personally think the person in question should hang their head in shame as it only hangs a black cloud over the sport if people bend or adapt the rules to suit themselves.

And when all the PC brigade jump on this saying 'it's only for fun or a hobby etc' then yes maybe in a way but it's a major competition at a major event in the calendar with of course the general public watching , so what do they think ? Oh it's a load of people just ******* about with air guns looks like there's no rules so looks like a waste of time ?

If they want to just **** about go plink at spoons or Bagpuss's left bollock ! If you want to compete obey the rules or fu@k off and play Scrabble !

Enough said !
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