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Old 9th September 2012, 06:20 PM
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Default Sussex interclub rd 10 Swallows- Results

Sussex Interclub HFT - Round 10 Results
Hi All

Well, what a day!!!

Given the almost total lack of breeze at the start of the shoot and for the first couple of hours, I guess I was surprised that my ‘simple’ little course survived without a clearance or three. Most unlike Swallows FTC hosted rounds, during this one it was probably the heat which caused problems in place of our usual driving rain or howling gales (or both).

Hope you all enjoyed it; the feedback was certainly positive and very welcome after the effort we put in.

Here are the full results – in the usual format – and with the usual request to PM me if you believe you spot any errors or omissions.

Name Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
Eric Bynum Horsham O 58 100.0% Gold T
Philip Jacobs Horsham O 58 100.0% Gold T
Steve Light Horsham O 58 100.0% Gold T
Charles Peal Oaks O 58 100.0% Gold T
Mike Byford Oaks O 57 98.3% Gold T
Richard Chase Ford O 57 98.3% Gold T
Jon Fairman Oaks O 57 98.3% Gold T
Bob Pattenden Oaks O 57 98.3% Gold T
Peter Searle Horsham O 57 98.3% Gold T
John McDonald Buxted O 56 96.6% Gold T
Sam Robinson Buxted O 56 96.6% Gold T
Bruce Stevenson Iden Fern O 56 96.6% Gold T
Derek Watson Horsham O 56 96.6% Gold T
Simon Williams Oaks O 56 96.6% Gold T
Rob Appleyard Oaks O 55 94.8% Gold
Tony Archer Iden Fern O 55 94.8% Gold T
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 55 94.8% Gold
Neil Chitty Buxted O 55 94.8% Gold T
Pat Fitzgerald Ford R 55 94.8% Gold T
Peter Pacer Iden Fern O 55 94.8% Gold T
James Sellwood Horsham O 55 94.8% Gold
Jason Wells Buxted O 55 94.8% Gold T
Ben Davies Buxted O 54 93.1% Gold T
Rudy Goldslade Oaks J 54 93.1% Gold
Eddie Phillips Ford O 54 93.1% Gold T
Charles Coxsedge Oaks O 53 91.4% Silver
Kathryn Follis Ford O 53 91.4% Silver T
Kim Lum Buxted R 53 91.4% Gold
Steve Nailor Buxted O 53 91.4% Silver
Rob Simpson Ford O 53 91.4% Silver T
Chris Tyhurst Oaks O 53 91.4% Silver
Terry Aiken Oaks O 52 89.7% Silver
Keith Bean Buxted O 52 89.7% Silver
Barry Blackham Ford O 52 89.7% Silver
Nigel Buchan Buxted O 52 89.7% Silver
Paul Dugood Horsham O 52 89.7% Silver
James Parnell Horsham J 52 89.7% Gold
Chris Roberts Oaks O 52 89.7% Silver
John Turnbull Buxted O 52 89.7% Silver
Mike Burgess Swallows O 51 87.9% Silver T
Jon Tickner Horsham O 51 87.9% Silver
Tas Violaris Horsham O 51 87.9% Silver
Jeremy Follis Ford O 50 86.2% Bronze
Steb Martinez Ford O 50 86.2% Bronze
Justin Roberts Ford O 50 86.2% Bronze
Chris Silcock Horsham O 50 86.2% Bronze
Tim Clark Oaks O 49 84.5% Bronze
Ryan Stennar Buxted P 48 82.8% Gold
Keith Crawley Horsham O 47 81.0% Bronze
Jon Kelly Buxted O 47 81.0% Bronze
Dave Walden Swallows R 47 81.0% Silver T
Doug Harper Horsham O 46 79.3% Bronze
Bob Morris Ford R 46 79.3% Silver
Adam Stennar Buxted O 46 79.3% Bronze
Josh Long Swallows J 45 77.6% Bronze T
Eli McCullough Swallows R 45 77.6% Bronze T
Andy Simpson Buxted O 45 77.6%
Damien Burke Oaks O 43 74.1%
Constantine Christophi Swallows O 43 74.1% T
Gerry Jelicoe Swallows O 43 74.1%
Joanna Jansen Van Vuuren Swallows O 42 72.4%
Kyle Wood Horsham O 40 69.0%
Conrad Wells Buxted R 39 67.2%
Linda Morris Swallows R 36 62.1%
Tommy Burke Oaks O No card submitted/found

Team Results – I predicted excitement, and that’s exactly what we got – in spades. Today’s Team winner, counting no fewer than 3 of the 4 100% scores recorded was Horsham, with their best score of the series. If Derek and his crew could perform like this regularly, they’d surely be up for replacing our usual suspects.
However, the high level of scoring throughout the year (years!) has to go to both the Oaks and Buxted; seemingly unassailable at the top. Potentially looking defeat in the face, the Oaks managed a brilliant final round comeback, overturning the 4 point lead which Buxted accrued after Round 9, to win the Sussex Interclub Team trophy by 5 points. Very close chaps

Club Round 10 Total
Oaks 285 2701
Buxted 276 2696
Horsham 287 2665
Ford 272 2582
Iden Fern 264 2485
Swallows 231 2143

With only 3 members present for this round, Iden Fern’s score was bolstered by two cards drawn at random from the pack, picking up a 47 and 51 to give the total you see above.

Hope to see a whole big bunch of you for the Sussex Interclub end-of-year event, to be hosted by Buxted on the 7th October, alongside their Sussex Open shoot. You don’t have to enter the Open to come along and celebrate the SIHFT winners .. but you might as well do. While I know that Simmmo will provide full details when the thread is published, please remember that as well as the individual and team trophies to be handed out, we have at least one very special prize up for grabs. This will be won by raffle, drawn on 7/10, from the list of names of those of you who have entered at least 6 of our 10 rounds.

In life you should not persue goals that are easily achieved, develop an instinct for what can be only just achieved through your greatest efforts.
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