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Old 9th August 2012, 03:23 AM
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Smile Indexing the Air Gauge in a Steyr

Hello Members:

I have a 2011 Steyr 110 FT that came with the air gauge in the cylinder canted to the left....While this is a mere cosmetic issue I am trying to fix it...Maybe I am a little neurotic but all of my guns have indexed screws and indexed gauges and something out of place or alignment bothers me...

Does anyone know the procedure for turning the gauge and aligning/indexing it with the rifle?

I know that this can be done by turning a few thousands off the back of the cylinder in a lathe so it rotates a little more to the right position...I have the lathe for doing it but I rather turn the gauge if this is an viable solution...

Has ayone encountered this problem/ done this procedure?

Best regards,

Flathead Lake, MT
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Old 9th August 2012, 05:13 AM
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Don't what ever you do remove any metal from the cylinder itself,or attempt to strip it without the proper tools as it will be dangerous.
The problem isn't with the gauge on your cylinder,it's what it screws onto the gun which is called the regulator.
If you are familiar with your gun then all you need to do is take off the regulator(four cap screws) and rotate it untill the gauge is in alignment with the barrel.
If you don't know how to do it yourself then take it to your local gunsmith.It won't cost much as it is relatively
easy to do.Hope this of help to you.
Forgot to mention,there's some styer tutorials on utube that will help you if you want to have a go yourself.
Let your shooting do the talking.
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Old 9th August 2012, 07:22 AM
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You can only set the regulator in two positions, 180 degrees apart, as the bolts are not in a square. So turning the regulator won't fix the issue completely.
On the other hand, you don't need to screw the cilinder fully to the end.
If you want to allign the gauge for cosmetic reason, just unscrew the cilinder a bit, it will hold it's pressure this way without a problem.
Looking at the picture you might turn the regulator 180 degrees, then you only need 1/4 turn back, otherwise you need 3/4 turn back in the current setup.
So, no big deal, but don't modify the cilinder in any way, 200 bar pressure of air can do a lot of damage to you AND other people. Keep it safe!
Steyr LG110 FT
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Old 28th August 2012, 02:25 AM
azuaro azuaro is offline
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Thank you Nemesis and Wise Guy for your advice...

I wrote Steyr’s Engineering Department for advice but their response was that Steyr does not index the cylinders because this procedure will cost them more money!
As if the $3,195 US Dollars for the FT model here in the US were not enough!

For comparison: My FWB 700 aluminum, Anschutz 9003, Anschutz 8002 (my son’s) and 2 FWB pistols ALL HAVE INDEXED cylinders but I guess that this cosmetic issue is of no importance for the factory.
Anyhow, I guess that this is an issue that each individual has to either fix on his own or live with the problem…I decided to fix it and it was a combination of your advice and a little engineering...

I have a shop at home with a lathe, milling machine, etc. so I made an aluminum tool for removing the bottom part of the cylinder...This is very simple to do and now I have a professional tool for fixing the cylinder if the O rings (Valve and gauge) or the valve itself ever need replacement.

After removing the air valve, I made an extension tool with a hex 5 mm bit at the tip for removing the air gauge that needed indexing. This was probably what took me the more time because I have mm tools and wrenches but not the 5 mm hex bit that I needed and mm tooling is still scarce in the area where I live (Montana in the US).

After removing the gauge I made a gasket with a hole in the center for the "O" ring in the gauge to clear, I started with a .35 MM thick gasket and ended up with a .16 mm; it was a trial and error procedure for determining which thickness was needed for a perfect centering.

I rotated the regulator 180 degrees (It can only go on either of these 2 positions) because in this position the gasket required was thinner...The gasket needed to be thick enough for rotating the gauge less than a turn backwards.

I assembled the cylinder back, put it back in the LG 110 FT and the indexing was PERFECT…Not factory perfect but consumer PERFECT!!
I then proceeded to fill the cylinder with air to 210 BAR for checking leaks…The pressure held well for 3 days so I brought back the pressure to 200 BAR and now I have a perfectly indexed cylinder.

If I were Steyr I would index all of the cylinders in all the guns that are manufactured…It is a cosmetic issue but one that speaks for GOOD ENGINEERING, ARTISTRY and LOVE of what you are doing…
I see my guns as pieces of art and not as mere tools for throwing pellets or bullets, but that is me and I don’t represent the universe of shooters out there.

Best regards for you all…

Flathead Lake, Montana

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