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Old 7th August 2012, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Sorry for the late answers but I just arrived back from Hungary.

Simon, you're on a wrong path for I've been shooting with these pellets for ages. The only thing that changed from the NEFTA Classic on was my new adjustable height butt plate, and the sad facts that the grass grew too high at the farm I used to practice and I also had to travel to Hungary several times. So all I could do was a spiritual training, I tried to bring my wobble in harmony with the gusts of wind - and it worked

Conor, I started in 2006 with a 6 ft-lb rifle shooting up to 50 metres and mostly on official shooting ranges like Sywell so yes I've got some experience in rangefinding and those banks are familiar to me, too. I had almost all my misses in the 'garden' area where I was totally hopeless missing every third or fourth target...
Not forgetting the two that dropped low on you ha ha.
Thought I had you Andras after the morning session,bloody rain!
For those that don't know,he shot the entire bank without missing a single shot,he dropped two in the afternoon.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.
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