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Old 18th June 2012, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by hotversion View Post
Ive heard that the nikko is a throw away scope if anything goes wrong with the clicks is that right? if nobody is using them then they cant be anygood,am just worried buying a nikko and then it going wrong on the clicks?
Hello Mr Hotversion, never owned a nikko because i prefer leupold scopes however having spoken to the guy at the uk distributer he seems a really decent bloke,, i would suggest to speak to him to check after sales support before commiting yourself either way at the end of the day it is in his intrest to help people like yourself a little bit of good will goes a long way.Mr P
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Old 18th June 2012, 07:08 PM
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I've got both a Mk3 Nikko, bought new 3 years ago and a T50 thats about 3-4 months old. I used the T50 on an s400 in GP1 this year - scored 30, used my Nikko on my ev2 at Gp3 and scored... 30.
T50 advantages
New one 400 with sunshade, caps & guarantee.
T50 is 10% lighter than the mk3 which is 10% lighter than a mk2, which is lighter than a mk1

Nikko advantages
Turrets are a better shape if you don't want to spend extra on a big top turret
Available second hand (but a good one even if it's 10 years old will cost almost as much as a T50)
Can get mildot or Nato ret which is finer than the T50
Head position less critical ( but I think thats a disadvantage in the field)

I wouldn't hesitate to use the t50, Jon Harris uses one regularly and won a couple of MFTA WL's last year so they ain't bad.
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Old 18th June 2012, 07:23 PM
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Ive had my Mk3 Nikko for around two years now and i find it VERY good. I went totally mad around six months ago and bought a March X80 silly money scope, the Nikko is almost as good as the March
Ok the optics are better and the build quality is far superior, its also a lot lighter but to be honest for field target a good Nikko is as good as any and better than most scopes out there, get yourself a 50ft Leupold adaptor and you have a scope that will range from 7yds to infinity and repeat it every time. There is no way i would part with mine. Highland outdoors offer a lifetime guarantee too. One guy i know had a problem with his Mk1 Nikko (it was basically worn out) he phoned Highland Outdoors who told him that although they couldn't replace his Mk1 with another Mk1 because they don't make them any more they said to send his scope back plus 100 and they gave him a brand new Mk3! you don't get that sort of service everywhere
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Old 18th June 2012, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by hotversion View Post
HI guys n gals,i have a not that this,ive got money 2gerther now for a proper FT scope,i had a nikko st,nighteater 10 50x60,the thing is ive got my heart set on a new falcon T50 10 50x60 from BAR as am going to blackpool anyway,also as its new i will have a 1year waranty ect,and they seem to have a very good reputation,but i still have a nagging at the back of my mind about buying a second hand dimond????? what do u think.
Know someone whos got a falcon and hes been struggeling getting to grips with rangefinding in different light conditions although all scopes can have theese diff charicteristics the nikko seems a lot more managable and easy to learn ...although cant comment myself only other scope i had was a mtc viper 8 32 50 and it was poop at ranging above 45 yd dint learn owt wi it never looked back wit nikko. They also have a 15 year warranty so long as you have the origional receipt so if buying one second hand its worth asking the seller if they have the receipt from new.
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