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Old 9th June 2012, 06:12 AM
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You might want to test the scope's turrets. If you can manage it try to clamp the scope (or rifle and scope) in a workmate, or similar, and focus the scope on a light coloured surface, perhaps with reference marks. Dial while you look through the scope, as you dial to move POI up the ret should move down on the target surface. Try doing a box test, that is dialing 20 clicks up, 20 left, 20 down and 20 right - you should come back to the origin point.

I'd be surprised if the turrets are knackered as they have an excellent reputation and none of mine have ever broken, nor have I ever heard of turret failure.

Don't be too quick to change kit, all of the scopes you mention can do the job. Hancox joint top scored at that GP and I presume he was using his Deben, the cheeky sod called mine his spare scope at GP2! Are you sure the rifle is spot on, is all the basic stuff covered - ie are the mounts loose or is the scope at the limit of its range of adjustment?

I know it can be difficult to shake doubt once some bit of kit is questioned, but if you just blame the scope without some sort of investigation changing the scope might not fix the problem.

Originally Posted by springer34 View Post
Well im just thinking at the moment as ive just had abit of bad luck with one i was shooting at tawd when my shots were going high low couldnt hit anything below and above my zero so im just annoyed how bad i shot to how i could of shot i.e double my score at least plus it was my first gp so not a happy camper been told it was the heat,re zeroed it next day and everything was out i also sent one to get serviced came back with 26 specs on lense so ive just sent it to get cleaned again i just need a change im looking at bushnell or big nikko im no doubt over reacting
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Old 13th June 2012, 07:50 PM
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ty for the reply and advice your right i think it now might be the gun as its a ripley ar5s prototype and i dont know when its last service was i think something might be up as i only get 63 shots before it drops off i have a 19 inch clinder as well, and ive had a few issues with my markings with the change in weather ill get it serviced and see if it is a gun issue but i think i still want a big nikko or bushnell when i get rid of both dmp ill give you first dibs hopefully ill be able to go to aston next week ill see how the scope or gun is then
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Old 13th June 2012, 09:17 PM
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Default Big Bsa

I would keep the DMP . but if not try the Big Bsa . if you can find a good one they are excellent . the bushnell 8+32 is a very good scope , light and a good rangefinder . but dark on 32 mag and it is a front focusser . which means sitting to range find . if you must have a good light scope try the leupold Comp X range . either the fixed 35 mag or the 40 mag are good from 600 to about 750 . luck HOLLY
PS some of the early AR5s could be of different qualitys . give it to somebody who knows about em to look at .
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