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Old 18th April 2012, 05:41 PM
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Default Miss England Operation News......

Hello All,

Just thought I would update everyone about the ongoing saga that is my back!!!

Most who know me know that I have had some major issues over the last couple of years with ambulance trips to the hospital, copious amounts of drugs for pain relief and continuing trouble walking around - not a good mix when I have a never ending determination to shoot!!

Well it is finally come to a head after multiple scans and medication and physio trials that I am now heading for an operation on the 14th May. I had a pre-op assessment today which involved more tests to make sure I am ok for surgery along with some home truths about my recovery time......

I am having spinal decompression surgery which basically means a one inch inscision into my lower back to remove part of a disc which has prolapsed and is pressing on my nerves so causing all my pain along with loss of sensation in my foot and calf. Apparently discs often prolapse and usually heal but being me and not doing anything by halves means that my prolapse is very large and will not heal without help.

Today I was told that as it is invasive surgery and not only a small bit of bone along with the disc is to be removed but my nerves are pushed aside to allow entry so causeing more irritation I will be in even more pain when it is done than I am now!!! Brilliant!!

I will have a 1-3 day stint in the hospital to make sure that everything is working ok and no damage or side effects are present, followed by 7-10 days at home with limited mobility and yet more pain killers. Then its back to have wounds checked and begin physio to get strength and mobility back. I didnt realise how much mobility I was going to loose by having this op but by all counts it will be alot!!!

All in all minimum of 6 weeks off work, potentially 12 weeks. Im aiming for 6 and if not full time then at least part time at work after that.

Apparently the first 6 weeks is the crucial time for my disc to heal correctly so I have to be really careful so no lifting or bending for at least 4 weeks then only minimal after. On the upside this means no housework!!! On the down side I have become used to my cycling every other day so will be climbing the walls (back allowing!!!) not being able to do anything.

Upside - long term I will be much much better so will be able to live my life un restricted as it is at the moment with walking being such a problem and I will be able to (in theory) improve my FT - watch out Rob!!!

Downside - Nefta Classic and GP2 will be my last shoots for some time I wont be able to cycle for nearly 2 months I will most likely have to miss Norway which only last week booked up and started to get excited about

Trying to remember the long term upsides but currently can only think about what I will have to miss this year No fear though as soon as I am strong enough I will be picking the gun back up and even if I cant complete a GP will endeavour to manage the travel so I can come and say hello. Maybe I will have to only shoot the camera for a while once back on my feet....

Great to see everyone at GP1, sorry I missed some of you hope to catch up again at NEFTA and GP2 (my last day of freedom is GP2 as its the day before my op!!!)

See you all soon

Helen xx
Miss Helen England
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Old 18th April 2012, 05:47 PM
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Be positive and and dont be too down about some short term changes in circumstances as these will hopefully lead to long term improvement and more enjoyment of FT!

Good luck.
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Old 18th April 2012, 05:53 PM
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Let me be one of the first to wish you luck, a fellow sufferer. I have undergone two discectomies on my spine (L5S1) at the Royal Orthopaedic in Brum but mine were unsuccesful. I hope yours goes well. On each occasion I returned to work within two weeks.

In 2005 I underwent Level 2 spinal fusion. Two discs removed, replaced with titanium tubes which were filled with bone marrow from my hips. Then they attached an "A" frame scaffold to hold it all in place and all this remains in place. This one took me 10 weeks to return to work. I can tell you that it was a major success that gave me a quality of life I missed for years. It's a scary place to be but these doctors are danmed good.

I shoot HFT but I can't sit and arch my back; prone/stand/knee is fine. Good luck, get it over with and enjoy your pain free life asap.
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Old 18th April 2012, 05:59 PM
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Whaddya mean no housework?
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:00 PM
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Good luck with the Op Helen, Hope you will be fit enough to come down to GP8 in August,
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:04 PM
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Default Helen

Wish you all the best Helen and I am sure you will come through this OK you have youth on your side, as well as looks of course, All the best, Dave P.
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:11 PM
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Good job its not a week earlier weve got your nefta classic prize bought that your going to win
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:14 PM
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Good luck with it all Helen - I suffer with my back but it only flares up every 3 or 4 months so I can sympathise with anyone who has to cope with it full time

See you at the Classic
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:18 PM
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Default Luck

Good Luck with the opp and whatever you do , do not try to lift Rob's wallet . it will wreck all the good work ??? HOLLY
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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Old 18th April 2012, 06:30 PM
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All the best Helen for a speedy recovery but if not as speedy as you want then steady and enjoyable. Get a pile of books to catch up on. Set yourself some goals and then you feel the satisfaction of achieving them (regardless of what anyone else thinks as a challenge!). Getting up and down is the worst so perhaps shoot everything kneeling - great practice and much easier to get up and down. There will be plenty of friends around to be your gun bearer :-)

See you at GP2!

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