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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Problem with two sessions id the difference in conditions Kev.

One session, 150 lanes with 1 target per lane, 3 partners = 450 competitors All courses will be shot at same time with the same conditions. Not an ideal solution but one where a lot of competitors can attend and take part without the team element which has crept in dictating whether you can or can/not attend an open championships.

Back on track again, Andy Kays in fairness informed the President of the WFTF that he did not have the space for 3 courses, the manpower to run it and could only cater for max 125 participants using am and pm sessions...the President instructed him that he was hosting the event!

Still doesnt get away from the fact there wasnt prizes for the individual winners of the categories though which should be organised by the host country as a matter of decency, courtecy and respect for those participating.
Conor, as in the uk shoot the first day, put all the top shooter together second day top shooters together third day Easy, cream allways come to the top and they will shoot in the same conditions,
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