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Default Worlds in UK

From looking at the list some time ago of hosts,
Quite a lot of countries were unable to put on a world champs. I'm sure doz and myself were looking at it and I think Wales would roughly have it between2018-2020. Then it was England, Poland and Scotland I think..?
I'm sure if we spoke to Ian Harford, we could come up with some stunning venues within the 3 countries to hold 3 top world champ events..
Im sure we would arrange sponsors to cover the competition. From rifle manufacturers to optic manufacturers and so on.

Barry I didn't mean Steyr should sponsor every year earlier, I said I think they've sponsored the last few years. I know air arms sponsored south Africa.
Maybe we need to find out which countries who are coming up to be hosts are able to hold such an event.
At least then we can plan everything such as a venue etc in advance..??

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