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My Daystate runs at 775 fps now with an EB sniper but before that with a Bushnell 3200 10x40 on medium mounts.
On a 30 yrd zero aim points are:

8yrds= 2 dots high
10yrds=1 dot high
15 yrds= about a pellet width high of centre of kill
20 yrds= a pellet width low of centre
25yrds= same
30yrds= crosshairs
35 yrds= 1/3 dot high
40yrds=1/2 dot high
45 yrds= 1 dot high
50yrds= 1 1/2 dots high
55yrds=2dots high

As you can see from 15-30 yards you can aim straight at it and still get a 15mm kill.

I've got quite a few onto this at our club and anyone using medium mounts with a true milldot scope is getting very similar results so this should help you mate

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