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I realise that I am fairly new to this Sport and a bit of a 25 watt bulb in the maths dept (No ageist comments Ryan) but all this Math baffles me??

All with Mildot Scopes I set my PCP's to 35yds and check where they fall at 10 yds to rule out crossover, this leaves me with my FX Typhoon/BSA Ultra/Brocock Contour all in .177in with close to the same aiming point from 10 to 35 yds

40/45yds half mildot elevation
50yds 1 mildot elevation + windage corrections according to conditions, I usually shoot standing as it would take a wrecking crew to raise me from horizontal to vertical,

But given something to steady me down goes the tin chicken,

Is my system too simplistic?? and would I benefit from learning all the Math??

All replies sarcastic or informative are welcome.
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