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Lots of good advice.

Don't get sucked into worrying about the kit. Go to a local club and have a go, many clubs have club guns. It would be best to use these for a fair while until you develop your own ideas about what kit you might like to consider buying.

There are numerous rifles and scopes which when properly set-up with well-suited ammo will produce identical results. If any one gun or scope was better than the others you would see nothing else used.

At the begining (and ideally, always) you should not get fanatical about the kit; it's just a means to an end! You cannot buy success in this sport, kit good enough to win any event can be had for very modest expenditure. Modest kit, working correctly and perfectly set up, will beat high end stuff which has been slapped together with imprecise markings, poor zero and any old ammo every single time.

If you used a standard S400 it would be a very long while before it held you back.
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