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Default This little piggy goes to market

We are lucky to have people prepared to make an effort to find the best possible selection system. No system will please everyone; these unfortunates who devise the selection systems (read RobF!) will always get it in the neck from a fair chunk of people for whom the eventual plans are less than ideal, even after they sweat blood and come up with something fair and transparent.

For what it's worth I think some sort of performance-based selection which is anounced months in advance is as good as it's going to get.

I really want to go to Germany and will make the effort to attend whatever selection competition is chosen; I see it as part of the competition. As such, personal failure at the selection event, for whatever reason, is unfortunate but not a reason to question the selection criteria, just as failure at the event proper is not a failure of the design of the event, it's just an arse ache.

If selection is based on GPs I have no chance, I attended 2 this year, winning one and finishing 1 point behind at the other. I have not shot at a knockdown target since GP4 in mid June. However, that's life and if that method of selection is chosen then any objection on my part would be based purely on how it affected me; which is why I would not complain!

If we are going to complain about selection systems we have to make sure we are not doing so based on just how it affects us; the best possible system overall might give me no chance of going, I accept this.

I'm 40 now and over the last 10 years or so I've started to realise that life's not perfect.
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