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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
A very quick search found BASC estimate 4 million airguns are in UK public ownership. And the Countryside Alliance estimate there are 7 million airguns in the hands of 4 million people in the UK, either way, it's a lot!!


I think it interesting that we don't seem know how may airguns, or users, there and are. I could see this beiing a woory to Govt. It also affects the influence we can have with the policy of a company or the Govt. I wonder how many people/companies actually use RM to ship gun and gun related related objects relative to the totral number of transfers that they carry out? Perhaps it isn't very large. The case for certain gun businesses is good just not suire that the evidence is there for RM - or perhaps they know the percentage of their business that they would loose.
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