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Default Soo

So the numbers are not that high then..?

How many we're at

Ireland etc

Why are we catering for why looks like a team event when the numbers re low anyway..?
If it was individual thenive got a feeling the numbers would be higher.
Norway was 64 below its limit.
Now 3 per lane makes up 225 over 3 courses of 25 lanes per course.
Why are we faffing around trying to sort out teams of 10 not 8 if my calculations are correct for 30 countries, when we should focus on individuals shooting the competition..
I'm a little bamboozled why it seems the rgb's are emphasising on who touch for their teams.
Rob it would be better to just turn around and ask who wants to go first then pick a team out of all who are going.
This would give the lads who have to book time a chance to get the leave they require...

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