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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
According to the results ->

I counted 111 entries.
Yep, I get that as well. There were a couple of English shooters who didn't make it at last minute due to exceptional circumstances.

One good thing this year is Volker will be asking for deposits (and accordingly so will we). So in that event, where one country pulled 28 shooters (having been given the same amount as we had already, the rest sitting on the reserve list), won't happen again. And hopefully we'll get a little more definite with our numbers beforehand. There were several shooters who dropped out of qualification because they didn't believe they would get a place due to their expected performance, but who would have actually gone because higher ranked qualifiers dropped out later. It's our intention that deposits will be refunded if people don't qualify. In the event that you do qualify but then drop out, your deposit will have been used to pay for your place. In the event that someone else doesn't take it, or we don't get it back, it won't be refunded.
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