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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

Myself and Mick discuss the possibilities, the EFTA board decide on them. In the usual event of hearing almost nothing back from those on the committee, we do what we think is best. I'll look forward to strong and fast responses from all the regions this time. I'll publish them if you like.

Or at least do the board the service of making sure your region has actually responded when asked to. There's a lot of work done off the forums, but it seems that's the only place when we hear anything. If we just left it to the email, we'd have a lot more peace and quiet, but I believe it's better to at least discuss things with people in case they have an idea we've overlooked, or in case there's a breakdown in communication.
Thanks Rob,

Could you please publish (or point us in the right direction at least) of who the regional Rep's are and email address's.



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