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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
If gilly wants to go to germany to defend his title, Then he should be the first name on the list and immune from having to qualify, I cant believe any one would disagree with that, surely he has earned that right..!!!!!
Sure. Propose it to your rep then. It's not like the EFTA don't listen. It's the problem that through the proper channels, no-one says much. We need that to happen because when a decision is made that someone questions, we have a record of where it came from.

I suppose in fairness we would have to extend that to Ladies, Juniors, Springer etc. That could be 4 places gone in one year though. Even if they don't win the year before, it seems a shame to see someone excluded who missed out by 1-2 shots, or who had gear failure.

I believe the whole ethos of teams and individual places is something that has been ignored. I believe largely that it's only a problem for the EFTA, because a large number of countries only have a few shooters to consider, and that's perhaps why it's been ignored, or slipped down the priority list.

We have Team (8), possibly Springer Team (8) and with just one person going for Lady, Junior, Senior that makes a total of 19 people.

I've always questioned why the Ladies and Seniors exist. Perhaps it's time for a separate champs for the springers, although it's always nice to see someone like Nick, Roberto or Linus etc take a few pcp scalps along the way.

If the worlds continues to be this much in demand perhaps the first victims will be some of the niceties we have come to enjoy.

No-one at the EFTA wants to see anyone excluded, which is why we asked for at least the same amount of places that we had in Italy (and with considerable effort Norway, even though 50% dropped out with dog-ate-homework excuses). We asked months in advance, so if the answer was different to expectations we would have the opportunity to change selection to best suit everyone. In the event that we can't take everyone, our next priority is to try and make things the best we can for the majority.
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