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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
With all the countries now involved there is no way every one can go its got to come down to a qualify shoot, I put the Euros forward as it is in the middle of the country and the top shoot of the english calendar. Also if you know your a qualifer holidays can be booked, come April all holidays are set in stone were i work, booking ferries early comes a lot cheaper and your in with a shout of getting a hotel close to the shoot. Rob please let me know if you have made your mind up that the qualifers will be in April and i will stop wasting my time.
You're wasting your time?! Well if you feel like that, then i'll stop bothering with mine. I'm spending my time ensuring that you have a good as chance of anyone of being able to attend the qualifying shoot. All you have to do is turn up and shoot 80 targets. If that's wasting your time I don't know quite how to make it any easier. Isn't the weekend in question in your own region next year?

If you want a tailor made solution that fits exactly just your requirements then make sure your rep voices them (at least) However, there is another few people to consider who may not have entered the Euros or booked that weekend off work, or known that it would be selection and two-three weeks may not be enough time to remedy that. 6 months is well ahead of enough time to book hotels and ferries/flights. As I said, if the downside that you don't qualify is that you have an empty week off work, then that's probably the biggest downside.

Myself and Mick discuss the possibilities, the EFTA board decide on them. In the usual event of hearing almost nothing back from those on the committee, we do what we think is best. I'll look forward to strong and fast responses from all the regions this time. I'll publish them if you like.

I suppose if one region decided they would like to host a weekend's shoot midwinter, the EFTA committee would look upon that as well... that way people will have notice, there will be a shoot that people can attend as well. Guess what, no-one has come up with sticking their neck out to do that either. But if they did, assuming it was before April, mid-country, and just gave 3 weeks notice, it would be ok? It would need a ground to step forward though.

First come first served wouldn't work, as people were already booking stuff in Italy and Norway before it was open. And that was because 1-2 countries reserved their teams plus other shooters in hotels. Wildcards won't work because there's no set way of selecting them and there's the inevitable moaning about whoever has been selected as people invent their own method to suit their own personal decision as to who they think should go.

If your gear fails then it's just the same as your gear failing at the event or any other event. It's no different to having flu that weekend or breaking a leg. It's unfortunate, but there's no event that will guarantee everyone can turn up, that anyone will not suffer misfortune.

When we knew in advance that Italy was tight, the selection was a GP series. Guess what, we had gripes about how people couldn't do that!. This time, we were told beforehand there should be no issue with 25 places.

It's not under the EFTA control how a country accepts entries. Nor is it even the WFTF, because there's nothing in the rules about it.

If anyone thinks the EFTA committee are doing such a bad job, stand up and be counted. Or at least do the board the service of making sure your region has actually responded when asked to. There's a lot of work done off the forums, but it seems that's the only place when we hear anything. If we just left it to the email, we'd have a lot more peace and quiet, but I believe it's better to at least discuss things with people in case they have an idea we've overlooked, or in case there's a breakdown in communication.
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