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Default I came, I saw, I almost conquered

World FT Championships 2013 - Norway

for pics see World photo thread in photos!


So, on the Zero range for practise day.
4 clicks left at 15 m. Thankfully the Euro chaps all use meters as i do so all my ranges were easy to find and check.
Elevation was spot on and after about 20 or shots on the zero and a chrono check it was off to the practise course. That was not hard so only shot a few targets, the result of which told me to start Friday / Day 1 inside the kill.

Friday Worlds Day 1

Paired up with Denis Fitzer of Germany and Sergio Rita of Portugal. Denis was using a Steyr / big nikko while Sergio was using one of the American FAC Bazzokka guns. Must have a lock time half that even of my Njr and to be honest, while it may be ok for 24 jules it seemed to be failry pants at 16 jules?

We started on lane 25, think ity were a reducer and a full. Cant remeber ranges but i know for the first few lanes there was some nerves. Plodded on through the variuos lanes and rode my luck with a split on a 25 ml kill that ranged as 37m /40+ yards.
Brain said dont be silly, reducers are 35 yards. Shot it and split off 6, watched the pellet bounce in!
Andy Kays passed so asked about rules on reducers and distances to be told Common sense was used and that in (almost) windless conditions 25 mm @ 40 + yards was ok.
I agreed but thaught i would believe the scope from then on.

Plodded through the course, think i came out just once or twice but i know i split another reducer, this time giving 9 and it just glancing off 3 as it went in, no where near as good a split as earlier one.
Normally in a course I am waiting for the first miss but they just kept going down. Least till the last but one lane, a Downhill stander.
Hit the first target, think it was short, 25m or so but had to work hard at it. I should have moved my but hook down as i was pulling / forcing the front of the gun down.
However as it was the end of the day i just tried to take the shots and put the pellet on 6 with the second target, was just a bit too slow on the trigger as i moved from 12 down to 6.
Still, recovered to finish the last lane and as it turns out a pb of 49 ex 50.

I did ot feel i shot well as it seemed like a case of "how do you miss." suppose i must of done ok though as otherwise there would have been other 49 + clears!
The gun was spot on as was the scope and die 36, straight from tin.
Quite pleased in the end but of course in the worlds day 1 & 2 are just to put yourself in contention.

Day 2 - Saturday

We started on about lane 15 hich meant finishing on standers!

Started well again and to be honest i thaught another high score was on the cards.

First miss was t 7. Think it were about 45m. I had the hampster down from a previous lane and as i went to take the shot, rock steady, the hampster sort of slipped off my leg and i pulled the shot hald inch past 9. Bugger.

T 11 was a strange one. Wind in the "bowl" seemed to be L - R but giving inside edge for T11, it moved just a bit Right! maybe 10 ml. Dont think it was me?

T14 was an odd lane. T13 was a 45 m full, gave inside 9 and watched it smack in the middle of the kill. T 14 was a 25 ml at 37m? inside 9 and it cleared 3 by 10 -15 ml, so moved well over a kill!

T24 i seemed to over range. got to admit the 8am shoot start time did not suit me and by now i was tiered and i new my eyes were struggling to range find at times. I should have used more of the 3 minutes but in truth i was trying to get all lanes done in 2 mins, usually i was 1.30 from arse to seat to 2nd t down!
Anyway, gave t24 50 m and inside 9, it struck 10 edge so guess it was another 45 - 47 m target.?

Did the same on t27, long full i pumped up and went high on.
T28 was another of the long reducers and again it surprised me by taking wind you could just not see.

So 1 wobble, three for invisable wind and two for over ranging and giving wind that was not there. Not a great day but nothi9ng i thaught i could really have done to make matters better.

Only plus side was i was still in contention for top 10, which was the goal and despite my bean bag some how being too low on beans today, i hit all kneelers and standers including some steep downhill ones

Day 3 Sunday

Started on around lane 8,half way through the bowl of doom. Started on kneelers. Today though I had topped the bag up and the fisher Kneeler position worked well. Rock solid. Even thaugh i could do most of course like it but decided not to show off lol
Missed my third target of the day, T 17. I know Connor (shooting a lane in front) made it just over 50m and so did I !
I gave it 50 m setting inside 9 only to see it drop some 10 - 15 ml and hit plate. Connor said he saw it bounce of 5.
Plodded through from there on and if I felt like it, added clicks on long shots over 45 m.
Used sized pellets today, 4.50 die 36 after the morning zero session saw them doing a Don!
hit something like 41 targets before the next miss of the day, T9.
Think it was the rat in the Tin shed at 50m? gave inside 9 only to see pellet clear the kill and hit 1 edge. End of shoot and tied eyes might have meant i over ranged again? Dont know.

missed my last target of the worlds, same as yesterday, 25 ml at 40m or so, long one. Gave 9 edge only to see it lift to 1 and clear kill. I know i did not over range this one as i re - checked it.

Shoot off followed with John Costello for third place.

as i had a trophy it was not a big deal until i realised it meant being on the podium.

First shot was sitter at 25 m ish, 15 ml. Both hit.

Costa them missed a 25 ml kneeler, think it were around 30 m.
I was rock steady on it and picked a pellet mark in the kill watched it strike home as straight as you could wish for.

Courses got harder each day, I dont know what cost me on day 2 but dont really think it was me or the gun? I swear blind there was wind when nothing, string or bushes were moving and to me day 2 seemed at times to be just a lottery.
My numbers did not come up lol
Day three was a hard course. Seemed loads, maybe 10 x 25 ml that were 37m + Tough shots but needed with the conditions.
Enjoed day three and thaught i shot well.

Chuffed with 3rd in the worlds, when it sank in! Had lots of nice texts about result which was nice
Unexpected result in some ways but perhaps now a stepping stone to beliefe that i can actually win any competion?
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