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Cool Ze Germans..

Hi all, I must admit I struggle with the team v individual argument; how can EFTA hold the places when we all book and pay for them out of our own pockets??
On the other hand, if it was first come first served then Robs right and all the places would've already gone to the Germans and Russians (who'd probably then pull out leaving a big hole in the comp like they did this year! [the Russians that is]).
So it does seem fair each country to be allotted X number of places to distribute as they see fit and then a 'clearing' of any spare places at a set point. Our problem is that we have so many good shooters compared to other countries.
Qualification based on the Euro's is not the way - yes, it's central but who's to say it always will be? We've no 'right' (despite what some think) to host it and I bet it's hosted somewhere else, for one reason or another in the next two years anyway.
I think that there needs to be a 'selection' board (like in cricket) who look at the overall picture and choose places from there - I mean if Simon Ayres shot 9 GP's instead of 2 he'd walk the series etc etc, so qualification formula for 6 + 2 wild cards??
I also think (and this may be controversial) that there should be a weighting toward those who've shown commitment and put there hands in their pockets before.
Anyway, it's an evocative subject & I'm just glad I don't have to sort it out!
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