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Italy sessions with 3 shooters per lane finished between 4:30 and 6 hours. Helen was still held up despite being one of the last to leave the course, the standers at the bottom of the steep hill proving to be a bottleneck. I walked back down, put my gun away, rested, then came back up the course to see several squads still shoot through there.

With 4 per lane there needs to be a hurry up incentive, else some could be finishing a long time before others. If the deluge that hit Italy on day 3 occured between two rivals, the one off the course would have the advantage, and we may as well have 2 sessions.

I hope it doesn't, but i wouldn't be suprised to see it take 8 hours.

The lane timing would help to be dropped, but there are just some very slow shooters out there, taking their time between lanes or chatting in them after taking a shot. I followed one set in Italy that I timed at 12 minutes despite non of them going over 3 (but one of them continually being counted down), and in Norway on one day we finished 4-5 lanes ahead of our following squad.

This has been discussed by the EFTA with the WFTF for about the past 2 years... we even suggested several months ago that 4 days would be better, with 3 per lane, that allows 300 shooters, but also probably another 50 using standing squads who shoot lanes while others walk from start to finish.

We will have to wait and see, but the frustration of just having to do that (again, even after trying to discuss it beforehand) isn't something that I'm immune to I can assure you.

It is my personal belief that countries now should need to place their proposals before they are selected, so that they can respond with suggestions on how they would solve the problems encountered by previous hosts. Each year we have seen an improvement on several fronts, this is good, the sport is booming, but we are starting to see problems repeated which could be solved with a little forethought (i think).
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