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Default World field Target Championships 2012 -Taffies on Tour

Great trip with some excellent times and some scary ones thrown in.

We decided to stay the night before at gatwick travelbodge,
the room was not as big as we hoped for but Lord Lampeter
was happy with his private room

Dan gets the good news that he has lost his pin
and thus Kilty has to pay for him.
Looks embarrised dont he

The flight went well apart from the landing where most people lost their Zero

So not to feel left out, this is where Dopper and Jenny nearly Sat

Tool tells Gilly he is his no.1

You always see a little boy on a plane that wants to sit n the cockpitt.

Made it

Tool picks up some spare baggage, least he tried

We think this was just for the camera as he had no pin

As Tosh could not even drive the luggage trolly, we let Lord Lampeter drive the car

Gilly was chuffed to find one of those childs pretend to drive wheel on the wrong side of the car, but disapointed in that there was no car seat provided

Scenery was stunning on the way to the shoot

Look away now Lord Lampeter

This is where it neary went lady Dianna for us.

The Neftas admire the view from the Shed

Team Tondu

Meet and greet, but with no alchahol we did not stay long

Calps gets diplomatic discusions under way by telling the South Africans they are going to loose again

This came in next morning

Ships always atract working Girls.
The chap on the right is biting his nails in fear while the old fella is holding on for dear life?

Shopping was expensive, even filling this cost 456

The Lord is chuffed to finish 12th in the world, least till he found out that was our table number

I tried the healthy eating Norweigian Platter.

about 2 hours later it had turned to Norweigian Splatter.
Went back on kebabs and beer after that

Lowest score buys the ice cream, no wonder tosh shot so well

Just some rocks and water

We thaught it was a tad bit more interesting, the Troll wall and road.

Train Trip

We finished the week with a scenic train trip on the Monday.
At one point Russ abbot joined us too,
Hey you Jimmy

Apparently some shooting took place, will find a couple of pics of that later.
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