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FT is getting bigger and more popular. 30 countries are now affiliated with the WFTF, each are entitled to send their 8 best shooters. No easy solution to it guys and girls, we all know that's there's 25+ guys in England alone that have what it takes to win the Worlds. Not all countries have this quality and quantity of competitors but the problem arises when 40 from England want to go, as do 12 Welsh, 16 S Africans and so on. Then you have all the local neighbouring countries to Germany all wanting a piece of the action. What do they do?
There's only 150 targets to shoot over 3 days.

I chatted to RobF about 150 targets and only 1 target per lane. This allows 150 competitors all shooting at the same time, with 3 partners per lane you have 450 shooters.
Germany has a massive forest location to hold it, problem will be the numbers looking to attend.

If you ask me its all gone a bit silly.
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