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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
The World Championship is to find the top indvidual shooter all these are add ons ie team,springer,lady and junior.To have the qualifers at the masters / inters is unfair because some people are unable to attend all the winter league and do not make there regional team.The only fair way is to have the Worlds qualifiers at western park the Euros, if we have ten places or twenty we have all the qualifers names nice and early and every one can make arrangements for the next years World Championships.
Not aimed at anyone in particular, i'm only quoting Ian because it's a concise reply he's made.

I don't understand what the fascination is with the Euro's over any other event ... I suspect there would be more complaints about not being able to attend them with just a few days notice than an event several months away. No weekend will be perfect for everyone, but one further away will be easier to plan for.

And we are hoping that as per last year, the few who were not part of their inters team, would again be allowed to shoot alongside. We had one team member who did just this, and qualified, this year.
Indeed there were several who did this, but then dropped out afterwards.

First come first served would see all the places gone already. I can imagine the smiles if me, helen, mick and lyndeen and those on the EFTA committee were the only ones going because we got the email first...

If the winners from each grade were selected, that would mean several existing world champs wouldn't be able to make the team... this way, it's suggested, everyone stands a fair and equal chance.

There have been other suggestions to choose a team, like whoever did best at previous worlds, or finished in the grades using %'s, but this is unfair on those who didn't know, springer shooters who now shoot pcp's, those who haven't shot for ages, or those that carry a high % from just a handful of shoots.

If springers want to put in a team, and if it's confirmed they would be taken on before any individual places are given out (which is my understanding), then they can qualify with springers at the weekend chosen, and rank alongside each other... because after 8 pcp shooters are chosen, there could be just springer shooters going. I will know more when I get the entry system confirmed. Another reason why the Euros could be too early.

As for booking in advance, it would be a suggestion that as deposits would be refunded if someone failed to qualify, book time off, stick deposit down, try and qualify, and if successful there's no problem. If not, the only problem is what to do for a week in September next year. Flights and ferries will be easy to book much later.

I agree that there is a drift in away from providing an open event. Also that it's not ideal that announcements are left until our season is almost closed, and meant to be reacted to before it opens again.

Don't bang your head against a wall looking for a perfect solution because there isn't one. Look for what the biggest problem is to solve, then work down the priority list. The solution needs to be as fair as possible to start with, give as much notice as possible to as many people as possible, and easy to organise as possible.

The situation isn't ideal, nor will the solution be, but we need to make best of what we have been handed.
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