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[QUOTE=Shaun;99364]Hi Neil
Much as I would love 100 targets there is no possibility of this.

When 60 targets were first suggested the showdown problem was quickly identified. At present the 40 targets used at the masters are used at the showdown, usually it is the blue course that is not shot at the masters. So would this new format offer advantage over what we normally do? That is the question (and whether they want 60 targets) we want people to discuss and share their views with their regional rep. I have not had chance to speak to many people yet but I assume that the "lot" of shooters you refer to are from NEFTA so I expect NEFTA's vote to be no change?

Hi Shaun,
I haven't got a problem with the format being changed,i like the idea of it been a 60 target course I can't see it been an advantage.ok you'll know the range of the targets,but unless you've got a photographic memory I can't see how it would help shooting it the day before,the wind/ conditions change for every shot.Rob's idea of changing afew sounds good.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.

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