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Cheers Simon for that.

I've found worse problems than Magnus effect though.

I was down Pete's last night trying a number of different pellets through the EV, and true to form, its best described as a tac driver, even in my hands.

Once taken outside in a light breeze, a whole different picture evolved. I think its fair to say that the EV is a thoroughbred target rifle for still conditions.

I also found that the best groupings were with Exact 4.53's (which is very handy) and velocity had a spread of 5fps with weighed pellets. Now thats impressive. I only hope the regulator holds out as i've heard quite a few stories about them.

No doubt i'll get a chance to chat with you at length over the coming weekend unless you're staying in a B & B style tent. Bring your lathe, drill press and a large hammer with you and i'll bring some weird concoction or other to lubricate the throat
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